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Suzhou, China

by WCC on March 5, 2012

in Asia

Suzhou is a prefecture-level city in eastern China near Shanghai . Because the city is criss-crossed by canals, it is also the Venice of the East called. Due to the good transport connections, it is one of the booming cities of modern China.

suzhou 550x416 Suzhou, China


Suzhou is over 2,500 years of history with one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze River Basin. The area is the cradle of Wu culture , the tribes, during the Shang dynasty lived here called themselves ‘Guo Wu’. In the year 514 BC , during the “Spring and Autumn Period”, Suzhou has been called “Great City of Helu” by the legendary King Helu of Wu founded.

The city’s name comes from the year 589 during the Sui Dynasty . In the history of China , Suzhou was always a center of trade and commerce. With the completion of the Grand Canal as a trade route to the north Suzhou took a special boost. Marco Polo has the city in 1276 and visited perceived as great. Also known as the “silk capital” of the former empire of China ‘s Suzhou since the 14th Century until today, the leader in silk production .

Except for brief periods of occupation by the Japanese during the Second World War and the army of the Taiping Kingdom in the 19th Suzhou Century was in the turmoil of the 19th and 20th Century pulled not affected. Many historic assets are preserved so original. Since 1981 Suzhou was (along with Beijing , Hangzhou and Guilin ) was added to the list of cities whose historical and cultural heritage should be placed under special protection.

Apart from the Silk Suzhou is now a center for high-tech industry. Since 1985 Suzhou is one of the special economic zones . Since 1997 some of the parks are in the UNESCO world heritage site recorded. At the same time many old houses disappear, canals and bridges at high speed to make the modern space.

suzhou map 550x366 Suzhou, China

suzhou map

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suzhou gardens

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suzhou china

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suzhou canal

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