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Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

by WCC on May 22, 2012

in Australia

Surfers Paradise is one of the Gold Coast town in the Australian state of Queensland . Surfers Paradise, colloquially only surfer called, is known and famous for its impressive skyline and its miles of sandy beach . Because of the relatively small wave response of the beach, but not a particularly good conditions for surfing. Often, Surfers Paradise and ” Miami of the South “.The first Europeans in the area around today’s Gold Coast was settled James Beattie. Beattie, a farmer ordered, initially about 32 hectares large farm on the northern bank of the Nerang River. The farm was located near today’s located right in the center Surfers, Cavill Avenue.

surfers paradise 550x412 Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

surfers paradise

Due to poor yields Beattie 1877 the farm sold to the German immigrant Johann Meyer. This transformed the farm into a sugar cane mill and had therefore to sugar. Meyer had, however, like Beattie, beaten by the sandy and infertile soil and was in turn forced the country to sell less than a decade. Johann Meyer founded after selling his farm and opened a ferry shortly after the Main Beach Hotel, which was installed from 1889 also has a post office collection point. In addition to the post office was formed gradually, a small settlement near the Main Beach Hotel. The complex was named Elston, named after the hometown of the wife of South Porter Post Office chief.

After Meyer’s death in 1901 the hotel went out of the Main Beach Hotel license and Elston, who had become a small tourist town had, for the entire 16 years, not a post office or a hotel. In 1917 organized the Brisbane Real Estate for an auction sale of the lands in Elston and described the land Surfers Paradise Estate . The name is the first written mention of the term Surfers Paradise , although the term presumably consistent with the population already had a long time.

Later in the 1920s were caused by the construction of the bridge Jubelee and the expansion of South Coast Road, more and more tourists to Elston. Due to the improved transport links Elston now moved into the focus of speculators and investors who purchased more land on the coast and hotels opened. One of the first landmark of the city, opened in 1925, a native of Brisbane, Jim Cavill Surfers Paradise with the hotel. Cavill was to rename who asked for it in more meaningful name Elston Surfers Paradise. In 1933 his efforts were finally successful and Elston called Surfers Paradise, the bears got it today. During the boom in the 1950s and 1960s, the first ones were built at the height of apartment complexes . From now on, the density of development is constantly increasing, and the individual islands are connected by bridges gradually.

surfers paradise gold coast australia 550x412 Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

surfers paradise gold coast australia

surfers paradise australia 550x412 Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

surfers paradise australia

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stephen May 28, 2012 at 8:02 am

Great photos. Gold Coast is indeed a paradise and I’m planning to have a vacation to Surfers Paradise. I check here Circle on Cavill. They offer best deal.


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