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Summer Palace, China

by WCC on March 7, 2012

in Asia

The New Summer Palace ( Chinese 颐和园 / 颐和园 Yiheyuan ) is located in northwest Beijing a few hundred meters west of the ruins of the Old Summer Palace . He is one of the highlights of the China garden art , although he had to be destroyed and rebuilt. He is now one of the major visitor attractions in the Chinese capital.

summer palace 550x412 Summer Palace, China

summer palace

Emperor Qianlong had him 1751-1764 for a total of 4.8 million silver tael as a gift for the 60th Birthday of his mother set up. The 290-acre facility was built on the site of the existing garden of the former since 1153 and the Golden Water was the preferred residence of the imperial court in the hot and humid summer months. The buildings are among the masterpieces of Chinese architecture , the park’s most impressive Chinese landscape gardens . Like its older counterpart to the east was also the New Summer Palace of retaliation in the wake of the second Opium War and the victim was on 17 and 18 October 1860 by an Anglo-French invasion army destroyed. The photographer Felice Beato , who accompanied the Anglo-French invasion army, the palace complexes documented photographically between 6 and 16 October, so that an idea has remained at that facility.

Unlike him, however, was initiated by the Empress Dowager Cixi and the Chief of the Imperial Navy, Prince Yi Xuan built in the period 1885 to 1895 again. Financing was provided by diversion of actually funding for fleet expansion given what today reminds us of the famous marble boat in Palastsee. In the course of the suppression of the Boxer Uprising in 1900 the New Summer Palace once again by the British was destroyed in retaliation and then built up again. After its closure in 1908 by the widow of Emperor Guangxu in 1924, he re-opened. A visit could afford at first because of exorbitantly high prices only a few entry. Today is the Summer Palace is a magnet for visitors and is one of the busiest sites of the Chinese capital.

summer palace three 550x412 Summer Palace, China

summer palace three

summer palace map 550x356 Summer Palace, China

summer palace map

summer palace china 550x412 Summer Palace, China

summer palace china

Summer Palace Wallpaper 550x336 Summer Palace, China

Summer Palace Wallpaper

summer palace beijing 550x378 Summer Palace, China

summer palace beijing

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