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by WCC on February 23, 2012

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Sudan – Sudan is the largest country of Africa . It is bordered to the north of Egypt and Libya to the west of the Chad and Central Africa , on the south by the Democratic Republic of Congo , Uganda and Kenya and the east by Ethiopia , Eritrea and the Red Sea.

sudan Sudan


-Port Sudan – a popular dive site for the Red Sea
-Dongola – the capital of Northern Province, at the end of the caravan trade route “Darb el-Gallaba”, partly in parallel with the ” Darb el-Arbain “runs (in Arabic:” Trail of the Forty Days “).
-Khartoum – Capital
-Wadi Halfa – currently the only open border crossing with Egypt on Lake Nasser

Getting there
Lufthansa offers direct flights to Frankfurt, Khartoum. It is cheaper to Egypt Air via Cairo or Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.

There are no cross-border rail links to Sudan.

There are buses from Nairobi , which visit the southern border of Sudan.

One way by car from Ethiopia to arrive there with the road crossing in Gallabat . The border crossing from Egypt closes at regular intervals and is dependent on the diplomatic and trade relations of both countries. It is therefore urgently necessary to obtain information from using that route. An entry by ferry from Aswan is made ​​possible (see below).
Upon entry, you must have a valid customs document for Sudan ( carnet de passage present), which is used as a guarantee of customs clearance has not accomplished.

A safe arrival from Egypt is ONLY by ferry on Lake Nasser ( Aswan to Wadi Halfa ) possible.
Fares First Class (cabin) 303.50 EP 2 Class (with no fixed seating) 235.50 EP car (up to 5m) on freight ferry 2452.00 EP travels more slowly and is 1 to 2 days later. Larger cars have to rent pontoon. It is worthwhile to consult with other car passengers.
The ferry rates are inclusive of a (very good) Sudanese food. Given the approximately 20-hour crossing (= loading and unloading time) but you should take with meals.

Car: 7000 – 8000 SD customs fees in Wadi Halfa (depending on car size)

The required registration within three days after arrival in the Sudan takes place normally in Khartoum, but can also be performed using in Wadi Halfa (This is recommended as mean 3 days to Khartoum with the car quite a rat race and transgression punished with an additional fee is.)

Cost: 7150 SD. Without a leader to deal with! No money to waste! Passport copy (first page + visa Einreisestemepel) + 1 passport photo is required.
{The rates are based on February 2006 and an exchange rate of 230 SD = 1 U.S. $.}

sudan city Sudan

sudan city

The road network is only partially paved. Standard is marked piste. 4WD recommended. (Alternative: High ground clearance, light vehicle). Hitchhiking : The Sudan enjoys the passengers on trucks or on those who charge a very great popularity. It is usual to pay this money, which is negotiated beforehand. In urban areas Khartoum , Omdurman , Bahri (Khartumnord) conventional (free) hitchhiking with the many pickups is very well possible. To stop the car at the best “wave down” (with the whole hand and arm angwinkeltem or the Arab “Kommher” gesture.). Domestic flights: The airline Sudan Airways flies to the following cities: Khartoum, El-Obeyid, Wadi Halfa, Port Sudan, El Fasher, Nyala, Malakal, Juba (Juba).Shipping: On the Nile and other major rivers, there are passenger shipping. Taxis and tuk-tuks (semi-open Deiradtaxis) in cities.

The official language is Arabic. In many parts of the South English is widespread, but there are also areas in which you get through with Arabic much better. There are also regional distribution tribal languages.
Those who wish to communicate in Sudan, the phrasebook is the “Sudanese-Arabic word for word” by Randolph Galla recommended. ISBN 3-89416-302-x for 7.90 EUR.

There is now a shopping center in Khartoum (AFRA), which has all the products are mainly of Turkish origin. There are small supermarkets in Amarat: Amarat Center at Street No. 1 and located at the Sefco Cemetrery Road. A Dutch baker delivers excellent bread at the Coca Cola Roundabout located, as well as confectionery and has its own ice cream parlor, and an outdoor café. (OZone Cafe)

The role of the National Court in Sudan certainly takes the well-known in Egypt Ful . These are thick, broad beans to the boil over the fire for a long time and then, often mashed and served with various ingredients. With oil is always (often sesame or peanut). In addition, tomatoes, onions, Fellafel (fried chickpea balls), cheese or lemon juice Sprizer be in there. It is eaten with bread (called “servers” with the right hand) from a common bowl.

sudan temple ruin Sudan

sudan temple ruin

sudan meroe pyramids Sudan

sudan meroe pyramids

Going out
(Refers to Khartoum, but there is nowhere else in the Sudan also something that would fit into this category here.)
Ozone Cafe . An elaborate system of around feinversprühtem water provides a pleasant cool atmosphere in the open, park-same cafe. Wide selection of cakes and Kaffeestückchen for 400 SD, fresh orange juice (0.5 liters) for 600 SD. Very good ice cream (3 balls for 400 SD.). Located on Amarat Coca-Cola roundabout.
Cafe and Restaurant Solitaire . Nice decor, very good service, very good food (according to European standard) prices. Free Wireless Internet Hot Spot! Beef steak with fries and grilled vegetables for about 3,200 SD. Cheese Pilzomlett of three eggs with potatoes and tomatoes for about 1,000 SD. One of the few ways to correct carbonated water (soda) to get. (400 SD = 0.33 liters). Medium selection pretty good cake. Good coffee specialties. Located in Amarat near the Swiss Embassy.

Besides hotels, there are also some cheaper alternative to the “Lakonda”. This is purely accommodation establishments. The bed is to get 500 SD, but is probably around 1000 SD.

Transitional zone from tropical to subtropical humid climate dry desert climate of 50-75% of rainfall during the summer months. Only winter rains along the Red Sea, in the other parts of the country is relatively dry and cool weather Highest temperatures between March and July to 45 ° C.

Appropriate dress is important, no shorts. In women not to tight clothing. A headscarf is not necessary for Christians! Religion is a very important issue – both the Islamic and the Christian part – should be taken seriously and appropriately. Very careful you should also when photographing women, uniformed people and beggars, and be in refugee camps and never do this without consent.

sudan girls Sudan

sudan girls

sudan map Sudan

sudan map

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