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St. Martin Travel Guide

by WCC on February 28, 2012

in North America

St. Martin is a small Caribbean island. This island is bisected by a virtual line: a French side and a Dutch side. The French side is dependent on the French department of Guadeloupe . The Dutch side is an independent country, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Pay. On the French side architecture, currency and language reminiscent of France but the presence of america feels the United States dollar is accepted everywhere.

st martin beach St. Martin Travel Guide

st martin beach

St. Martin is an island of outstanding features. Indeed, St. Martin Island is the most active of the archipelago of islands in the wind. This is a free zone: no taxes on imported goods, no more non-customs. We find the best prices on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco as well as electronics. Several resorts and condos in East Bay (one of the most beautiful beaches of St. Martin).

Here is a brief history of St. Martin: There was once an island, emerald set on the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, just up the rainbow that forms the Caribbean archipelago. Hinge between the big island and the Lesser Antilles, it was called successively: Oualichi (Island of Women), then Soualiga (Salt Island) by Native Americans, by St. Martin French, Sint Maarten by Dutch and Friendly Island in the first tourists in the 60s.

st martin airport St. Martin Travel Guide

st martin airport

At the mere mention of his name, the tone is set, and before landing, you know that boredom will not travel. Because this island is like no other, a symbolic boundary, two airports, four museums, three currencies, 5 common languages, more than 30 beaches and 110 nationalities who buried the hatchet and coexist peacefully, like the first Indian who set foot on the island 2500 years ago and whose story is told at the Marigot Museum with a name under BD “On the Trail of the Arawaks” … The history of this island started long before Columbus and that the Tainos (Arawaks) and the Caribbean, from Venezuela via the Orinoco in their large canoes, have chosen to live in Hope Cove State or of the Fathers, feeding more than seashells, rats, hermit crabs the hermit finely crushed and mixed with pepper and cassava flour, that human flesh they do not, however, disdained. According to a chronicler of the 15th century monk, the Caribbean had even established a hierarchy of taste and felt the flesh of Spanish too tough, while that of the French was highly valued for its softness. As for English, they tasted it once and nearly die of indigestion, which saved the lives of many Anglo-Saxon later, because they no longer touched!

st martin beach St. Martin Travel Guide

st martin beach

Now is the time to discover this amazing island that will welcome worthy of its reputation and whose many facets will pleasantly surprise you.

International Airport Juliana (SXM), (in Dutch zone), Tel: 599-545-2060. Scheduled airlines: American Airlines, KLM, Air France, Corsair, Air Transat, Winair, Air St.Barts. Since mid-December, Air Caraïbes also serves Juliana Airport from Paris, that same flight dessert, after a stopover in St. Martin, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Airport Grand Case (French Zone). Daily flights from Guadeloupe and Martinique, from St. Bartholomew, and since St. Lucia via Guadeloupe, Caribbean by Air, Air Antilles Express and St. Barth Commuter.

st martin islands St. Martin Travel Guide

st martin islands

There are many taxis in St Martin and it is very easy to find, if you can rent cars. Prices are reasonable. Some taxis are mini-buses and the traffic is often well respected. There are many bumps and it is difficult to drive faster than 50 km / h (there is only one road limited to 90 km / h in the French part, all others are limited to 50 km / h). Be careful though in some parts of the island bikes and scooters are unpredictable and can come out of nowhere! The roads are congested it will take some time so be patient.

From the port of Marigot, there are daily shuttle boats to visit nearby islands: St. Barthelemy (except Wednesday and Sunday) and Anguilla. Departures for St. Bartholomew on Wednesday and Sunday are from the marina in Oyster Pond. Count in full price about $ 80 (60 €) for the round trip; you can get better prices by booking in advance, and / or if you are a resident of the island. St. Barthelemy is a French island, the French identity card (or other EU countries) is enough to get there, however for Anguilla, the passport is mandatory. Since the marina Philipsburgh, regular shuttles serving the island of Saba (Passport also required).

St. Martin is French speaking territory, so a language from the French side of the island is mostly English, but most of the population is bilingual, English/French. The Dutch side, Dutch is very little spoken in favor of English. The third language is due to immigration of Hispanics nearby islands, Spanish.

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