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Southampton, England

by WCC on May 29, 2012

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Southampton is a port city on the south coast of England, in County Hampshire. It is located on Southampton Water, the estuary of the test and the Itchen, in the English Channel ends. The city has 221,000 inhabitants. It is a metropolitan area with other places around the Solent to loose South Coast Metropole together.

southampton beach Southampton, England

southampton beach

The city was founded around the year 70 AD under the name Clausentum of the Romans founded. The settlement had a predominantly strategic importance as a port for the then already major cities Salisbury and Winchester. Greater importance was the city after the Norman invasion 1066th Back then it was called “Hamwic”. The nearby Winchester became the capital of England and Southampton’s most important trading port. With the advent of British expansion in Asia and North America lost its prominent position at the port cities such as Plymouth or Liverpool. In the 17th Century the city became a popular resort town, but quickly lost this position in Brighton.

The boom came in the middle of the 19th Century, when several yards settled in Southampton. The shipbuilding industry has expanded to major industrial and port through the increased trade in the North Atlantic. 1907 moved the White Star Line to Southampton, their headquarters in 1919 was followed by Cunard. Until the Second World War created an airport and several factories. Among others were the first Spitfire aircraft in the district of Woolston developed and built. During the war, the historic old town was completely destroyed. After the war the city with modern buildings have been rebuilt and expanded steadily. With the increasing air traffic, the number of passengers who traveled by ship, and one concentrated on cruises and freight services. Since the 1990s, in addition, tourism increased greatly, partly because of proximity to the popular holiday region of New Forest.

southampton united kingdom Southampton, England

southampton united kingdom

southampton town Southampton, England

southampton town

southampton england Southampton, England

southampton england

southampton city Southampton, England

southampton city

southampton Southampton, England


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