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by WCC on May 25, 2012

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South Africa is the southernmost country on the continent of Africa and a popular tourist destination thanks to its many attractions and sights. It gives African flair with European standards. 1652, the Dutch East India Company a supply station for their ships under the guidance of Jan van Rieebeck . Here is today Cape Town , which is therefore often called Mother City is (“Mother City”) refers. While South Africa was a Dutch colony at the beginning, it has since been harassed by the French and finally English.

South Africa Landscape South Africa

South Africa Landscape

After the complete independence from Britain after the Second World War, was designed by the power of vorangig white, conservative National Party, which the inhuman system of apartheid entrenched in people’s lives. After the first free elections in 1994, of which the freedom fighter Nelson Mandela emerged as president, this system was abolished. Even if the government tries to tell the difference between black and white gradually break down, it will certainly take some time, until there is real equality.

South Africa is far less dangerous than the media want to believe sometimes do. It is true that the crime rate is relatively high. In the tourist centers are on every corner but policemen and employees of private security companies. Man should inquire in advance where you are when you do not want to stop (more). In the evening most only stay still in the shopping centers, where the car will be guarded. The worst crime gibts in the townships, in which one should go only with a guide.

South Africa can be visited all year round. In the South African summer (November-February) it is very dry and warm at the Cape, near Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park is green and wet the landscape. These rains are short and violent, usually as a thunderstorm. During this time, a visit to Cape Town in particular, because the vineyards are green and you have every day bathing weather. During the winter months (June-August) there is moisture on the East Cape and dry. Therefore, this period is especially interesting for Tierbeobachten. At night it can be quite cool, in Johannesburg, even down to 0 ° C. Usually it is around 10 ° C. This is because large parts of South Africa are high that more than 1000 m, 1500 m even Johannesburg. Therefore, the sun shines in the summer more violently. Since the houses are poorly insulated, the accommodations offer more and more heaters and electric blankets. Throughout the year, you can bathe in the Natal coast to the border with Mozambik. In Cape Town it is not until 20:30 in summer light, however, in Johannesburg at 19:00 already dark in the winter even at 17:00.

south africa cape town full moon South Africa

south africa cape town full moon

South Africa Mkambati Nature Reserve South Africa

South Africa Mkambati Nature Reserve

The largest airport in South Africa is the Johannesburg airport. From Europe there are connections from Munich , Frankfurt , Amsterdam , Zurich , Paris , Madrid , Lisbon and London .

The entry into South Africa is the most straightforward and simple. Upon arrival in South Africa, citizens of Scandinavia, USA and most EU countries automatically receive a free entry sticker (entry permit sticker) that says how long they can stay in the country. This automatic entry permit is usually up to 90 days, although the immigration officer at the time the ticket is in cut time indicated. For citizens of some other countries that permit is valid too, but only for up to 30 days. When visitors are planning a longer stay, they must apply for a visa, because the automatic entry permit may not be enough then. Gives detailed information on entry requirements is available on the website of the comprehensive South African Home Affairs Department.

Almost everywhere in the country you will find nice little restaurants, cafes and a good selection of fast food chains. Especially in cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg has developed a complex range of different attractions evening, where the impact of different population groups is clearly visible.

Surf at South Africa South Africa

Surf at South Africa

Come under a good and very cheap way in South Africa are the backpackers. Similar to German youth hostels you can stay here in a sophisticated atmosphere and also get tips for trips in the surrounding area. Gives a good overview of the free guide “Coast 2 Coast”, which is available in many backpackers and Travel Agencies.

A good and inexpensive alternative is the B & B (Bed and Breakfast) or guest houses (like pensions). These are everywhere and some have even luxury rooms, usually breakfast and sometimes dinner at a far cheaper price and better service than many hotels. Especially in Cape Town and along the Garden Route , there are also many German-speaking operators.

Expensive but very worthwhile, the accommodations in the private game lodges. The lodges often have nothing to be desired and make dreams come true. But above all, the chance to get the BIG 5 (near) to face, much better here than in parts of the Kruger Park. In addition, the Game Drivers thanks to radio very flexible and find the position of the animals rapidly.

Some of the private lodges offer exclusive activities. Sun has about the Camp Jabulani ( on the western border of Kruger National Park in the Kapama Game Reserve has its own herd of elephants. Mostly it is “orphaned” elephants raised there and get a new home. Guests can make there on the back of a giant gray safari trip.

South Africa City South Africa

South Africa City

South Africa resort South Africa

South Africa resort

South Africa Jesse beach South Africa

South Africa Jesse beach

South Africa Mpumalanga Power Station South Africa

South Africa Mpumalanga Power Station

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