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Sousse, Tunisia

by WCC on June 7, 2012

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Sousse is a port city on the Mediterranean Sea and also the fourth largest city in Tunisia . The name is Berber origin and pertinent parallels are found in Libya. In the south of Morocco is an entire region as Bilad al-sus called. The city of Sousse is located some 130 kilometers south of the Tunisian capital of Tunis to the south of the Gulf of Hammamet in the Mediterranean. The city has 173 047 inhabitants, with their wider surroundings 432 171 (Census 2004). It is the capital of Sousse Governorate Wilayat Sousse / ولاية سوسة / susa Wilayat (Census 2004: 544 413 inhabitants), capital of the Tunisian Sahel .The Medina (old town) of Sousse is on the 9th Century ago and is surrounded by a 2.25-kilometer-long city wall. It belongs since 1988 to the World Heritage of UNESCO .

Sousse 550x412 Sousse, Tunisia


On the eastern edge of the medina lies the port created in 1899. To the north lies the new town created by the French. Along the waterfront in north tourist hotels lined up on the beach. This area along the coast are called – in the Tunisian dialect – Bou Dascha ʿ far. The name comes from a little-known scholars of the city of Abu Dascha ʿ far Aḥmad ibn Sat ʿ Dūn back al-Urbusī, who died in 935 in Sousse and the cemetery Qubbat ar-Raml (dome on the sand) was buried on the coast.

The station of Sousse lies on the SNCFT Main Line from Tunis to Sfax , which is also called Ligne de la Cote. There are several trains daily to Gabes and Tunis. The city has a Louage -Station.Die taxis daily for Tunis, Monastir , Kairouan , Sfax, Gabes-, Kasserine , Gafsa and the surrounding settlements. It is also to Tripoli , Libya direct connections. The international airport of Monastir is about ten kilometers from the city center.

Sousse Tunisia 550x336 Sousse, Tunisia

Sousse Tunisia

Sousse Port 550x412 Sousse, Tunisia

Sousse Port

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Sousse Hotel

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