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Sorata – Bolivia

by WCC on May 12, 2012

in South America

Sorata is a country town in the department of La Paz in the South American Andean country Bolivia. Sorata is the administrative center of the province Larecaja and central location of the district (Bolivian: Municipio) Sorata. The city lies at an altitude of 2721m at the mouth of the Río Suyu challah in the Rio San Cristobal , the water in the further course of the Río Mapiri lead.

Sorata Sorata   Bolivia


Sorata lies in the high mountains of the Cordillera Real in the western foothills of the Illampú massif. Due to the subtropical climate with average temperatures between 15 ° C and 20 ° C and an annual rainfall of 650 mm of the land for agricultural cultivation is particularly suited to the surrounding steep slopes will expand a rich vegetation and green fields.

Sorata bolivia Sorata   Bolivia

Sorata in bolivia

The town is now the starting point for many sporting activities in the region, such as canyoning , mountain biking and sport fishing . First and foremost, but it is regarded as climbing and hiking paradise. Ways from pre-Columbian time to go out of Sorata, as the Illampú-trail in the mountain massif of Illampú and Ancohuma are, and the Mapiri path in the subtropical Yungas valleys northeast of La Paz, 10 km from Sorata from the caves of San Pedro with interesting stalagmites – and stalactite formations and an underground lake, and a significant bat population.

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