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by WCC on February 14, 2012

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Slovenia (Slovenian, Slovenija) is a republic in Central Europe, which in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea borders. The country was established on 1 May 2004 as one of the ten accession countries, a Member State of the European Union. On 1 January 2007, the euro introduced, the Slovenian tolar replaced. From 1 January to 30 June 2008, Slovenia ‘s EU Presidency (2008 / I) holds. Since 21 July 2010, the country is a member of the OECD . The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, Ljubljana German, which has about 280,000 inhabitants and for its central location in the country is the transportation hub.

slovenia Slovenia


Official language is Slovenian under Article 11 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenije Ustava Republike) of 1991 but there are also “ethnically mixed areas” “autochthonous” minorities defined, where Italian and Hungarian (Article 64) special protection. enjoy Romani is not a protected minority language: Article 65 of the Constitution calls for the ethnic group of Roma Although a specific protection, but its legal implementation is made. Currently, 19 communities make Slovenia a Roma representative on the council. The languages ​​of other minorities are not protected. The once in the region of Gottschee (Kočevje) spread Gottschee Rare, a Bavarian dialect, is now threatened with extinction. German, Italian and Hungarian are in addition to English early taught foreign languages, so that many Slovenes speak the language of their nearest neighboring country fluently. Through the EU accession the country was Slovenian and official EU language.

According to the census of 2002, 57.8% of Slovenians to profess the Roman Catholic Church, 2.5% are Muslims, 2.3% Orthodox, 0.9% Protestant (mostly members of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovenia). As “believers without belonging to a religion” to refer to 3.5% of Slovenians. As “atheists” to see 10.1%. 22.8% of Slovenians no conclusion can be made ​​about their religion, because it was either not answered the question in the census or other reasons make it impossible assignment. It is believed that many members of the Orthodox Church since the Balkan wars in the censuses indicate increased non-denominational.

slovenia waterfall Slovenia

slovenia waterfall

slovenia ljubljana Slovenia

slovenia ljubljana

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slovenia landscape

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slovenia city

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slovenia beach

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ljubljana slovenia

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slovenian girls

slovenia girls Slovenia

slovenia girls

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TITO March 2, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Eslovenia es un pais maravilloso el cual quisera algun dia conocer,,,,me gusta mucho; sobretodo maribor y rakitna : )


admin March 5, 2012 at 11:07 am

También soy muy aficionado a este país. Gracias por visitar nuestro sitio. :)


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