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Skopje, Macedonia

by WCC on March 8, 2012

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Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and with over 500,000 inhabitants, while the largest in the country. About one-third of the total population in Macedonia lives in the city. Skopje has a more than two millennia reaching settlement history and is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the country. The town at the Vardar is both the seat of parliament and the government. She is also the cultural and economic center of the country, an Orthodox bishop and the seat of the Grand Mufti.

skopje stone bridge Skopje, Macedonia

skopje stone bridge

Founded by the Romans, the place was in Latin Scupi called. Derived from all other, later founded the city names in different languages: Macedonian Скопје, Albanian Shkupi or Shkup (specific or indefinite form), Turkish Üsküp, Bulgarian Скопие and Serbian Скопље. In the Ottoman reign, the form was Üsküb common.

Skopje is located in the north of the Republic of Macedonia near the border to Kosovo. From west to east bythe river flows Vardar the urban area to the south rises the mountain Vodno. The city is the pool of Skopje ‘s name, in which there are still many other communities. To the east is open countryside and it is high in the broad and fertile valley of the Vardar across, which runs through Macedonia to the north-west of the southeast. Kosovo’s capital Pristina / Prishtina is only 75 km away to the north (as the crow flies).

In 2002 the city had 506.926 inhabitants of Skopje. As in much of the country also live different ethnicity together. For 2002, designated as 338.358 Macedonians, 103.891 as Albanians, as 23.475 Roma, 14.298 as Serbs, as the 8595 Turkish, 7585 as Bosniaks, 2557 as Aromanians and 8167 reported another ethnicity. Expressed as a percentage 66.75% were Macedonian, Albanian 20.49%, 4.63% Roma, 2.82% Serb, 1.70% Turkish, Bosnian 1.50%, 0.50% and 1.61 Aromanian gave a different ethnicity on. About 2.52% of the population were illiterate and about 28.46% were unemployed.

skopje vodno Skopje, Macedonia

skopje vodno

skopje macedonia Skopje, Macedonia

skopje macedonia

skopje kale Skopje, Macedonia

skopje kale

skopje city Skopje, Macedonia

skopje city

skopje at night Skopje, Macedonia

skopje at night

skopje Skopje, Macedonia


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