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Singapore Merlion

by WCC on January 17, 2012

in Asia

The Merlion is the symbol of the Southeast Asian metropolis of Singapore . The Merlion is a term coined word , made ​​up of the words Mer maid ( Mermaid ) and lion composed (lion). He is a legendary figure and a mix of lion and fish and the patron saint of this city. The lion’s head, symbolizing strength and fearlessness, the fish’s body from the origin and affinity with the sea.

merlion Singapore Merlion


The figure of the Merlion was developed in 1964 by Fraser Brunner commissioned by the Tourism Commission of Singapore as a logo for the city and plays on the legend the city was founded on. The original statue now stands at the mouth of Singapore River , a 37 m high, walk-in replica of one of the attractions on the leisure island Sentosa . On 28 February 2009 the original statue was damaged by lightning at about 4:30 clock in the morning on the head, and by falling parts at the base. The repair work began immediately and have now been completed.

singapore merlion night Singapore Merlion

singapore merlion night

merlion logo Singapore Merlion

merlion logo

merlion icon Singapore Merlion

merlion icon

merlion drawing Singapore Merlion

merlion drawing

merlion at night Singapore Merlion

merlion at night

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