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Sierra Leone

by WCC on March 9, 2012

in Africa

Sierra Leone – is located on the coast of West Africa. In the north, Guinea and Liberia is bordered to the south. The length of the Atlantic coast 402 km. Behind a 100 km long flat stretch of land from the coast the land rises in the east to 1200 m to 2000 in high mountain plateau.

sierra leone africa Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea in the north and east, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and southwest. Sierra Leone has a total area of 71 740 km2 (27 699 square kilometers) and has an estimated population of 6.3 million. It was a colony under the auspices of the Society of Sierra Leone from 11 In March 1792, it became a British colony in 1808.

Sierra Leone has a tropical climate, with a very diverse environment of savanna rain forests. Freetown is the capital, largest city and economic center, educational and financial. Second largest city in the country’s soil. Other major cities are Kenema, Koidu Town and Makeni. Are Northern Province, Eastern Province and South Western Area, which is divided into fourteen districts: Sierra Leone is divided into four geographic regions. Districts have their own directly elected local government and the local council announced. The country Sixmunicipalities Freetown, Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Koidu Town and the coastal town of Bonthe have directed their own directly elected councils bymayors. Sierra Leone is a constitutional representative democratic republic, whereby the President is both head of state and head of the government.Legislative by the House of the Parliament of Sierra Leone will be invested. The judicial power of Sierra Leone is independent of the executive and legislature and is led by the Supreme Court. Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the Congress of all the people (APC) to present since independence in 1961, have dominated the politics of Sierra Leone by two parties majorpolitical. Other political parties have also all over, but was without significant support.

Leave the country on mining, especially diamonds, for their economic base, it is among the top diamond producing countries in the world, and mineral exports remain the main source of foreign currency. Sierra Leone is one of the largest producers of bauxite and titanium, and a major producer of gold. The country has one of the world’s largest deposits of rutile. Sierra Leone is also home to the third port in the natural world, in the dispatch from the world famous Queen Elizabeth II berth at Freetown Quay. Despite this natural wealth, 70% of the population live in poverty. Sierra Leone is a predominantly Muslim country, but an influential minority Christian. Sierra Leone is one of the nations, the most religiously tolerant in the world. People are often married across ethnic and religious boundaries. Muslims and Christians to work together and interact with each other in peace. Religious violence is rare in the country.

sierra leone freetown Sierra Leone

sierra leone freetown

sierra leone kenema Sierra Leone

sierra leone kenema

The people of Sierra Leone consists of sixteen ethnic groups, each with its own language and customs. The two largest and most influential are the Mende, Temne and.Are both approximately equal to the number and each represents a little more than 30% of the population. The Mende primarily IN SOUTH-eastern Sierra Leone found, even in the northern Temne outweigh Sierra Leone. Although English is the language of instruction in schools and in the official language in public administration is the Creole language (derived from English and several indigenous African languages) for the most important language for communication between different groups of ethnic country, and is the first language of approximately 10% spoken, but understood by 95%. People. The Creole language meets all ethnic groups, especially in their trade and interact with each other.

Between 1991 and 2002, devastated the Sierra Leone civil war left the country more than 50,000 deaths, mostly country’sinfrastructure destroyed and more than two million people in neighboring countries, especially in Guinea, which was home to around one million refugees from Sierra Leone. The war was disbanded in 2002 after the Nigerian ECOMOG troops were greatly enhanced by a British force from the first Bn was directed by the Parachute Regiment of the British Royal Navy, the arrival of this force has helped led to the defeat of the rebels and restored the civilian government elected in 1996. On 18 January 2002 President Kabbah declared the civil war officially ended. Since then the country has restored a functioning democracy.

The first inhabitants of Sierra Leone Sherbro, Temne and Limba peoples were, and later the Mende, who knew the country as Romarong, and the Kono who settled in the east. In 1462 it was the Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra, who called the Serra de Leão, meaning “Lion Mountains” visits. Sierra Leone was later an important center of the transatlantic slave trade until the 11th March 1792, when Freetown was founded by the Sierra Leone Company as a home for former slaves (or approved by) the British Empire.In 1808, Freetown became a British crown colony, and in 1896 was within the country became a British protectorate in 1961, combines the two regions and independence.

Administrative divisions
Three provinces and one territory:
 Southern Province (Western Province); districts: Bo, Bonthe, Moyamba, Pujehun
 Northern Province (Northern Province) districts: Bombali, Kambia, Koinadugu, Port Loko, Tonkolili
 Eastern Province (Eastern Province) districts: Kailahun, Kenema, Kono
 Western Area (Western region) with the capital Freetown; districts: Western Area Rural, Urban Western Area
Each district is also divided into several chiefdoms.

 Freetown – the capital, the capital of the Western Area
 Kenema – capital of the Eastern Province
 Makeni – the capital of Northern Province
 Bo – the capital of Southern Province

Other objects

 River No. 2 – the most beautiful beach in Africa: feinsanding, more turquoise, green hills, has to hide nciht from the Caribbean. But now especially on weekends and very well attended, with tourism infrastructure
 Lakka Beach, Toke Beach, Kent Beach
 National Museum in Freetown (right at the Cotton Tree)

sierra leone cotton tree Sierra Leone

sierra leone cotton tree

 Cotton Tree – huge, centuries-old “Cotton Tree” in the center of Freetown: he was allegedly planted by the first slaves were to be shipped to America to Sierra Leone. Since each November for several weeks, a colony of fruit bats alights in a tree, he is regarded as the most important element Sierra few curses and there are discussions to fell it.

sierra leone david beckham visits Sierra Leone

sierra leone david beckham visits

 Bunce Iceland, Railroad Museum (in Cline Town, Western Area)
 Banana Iceland: apart from a small village and a few remnants of the British colonial masters (Church, guns, non-working street lights) are on the sleepy island, a small village and also a guest house for tourists. Small coves and beaches for swimming, and who can tear it discovered, perhaps the ancient cemetery or Hähle. Can be easily translated to the island with fishing boats of Kent.
 Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
 Outamba-Kilimi National Park, with some of the last Zwerflusspferde Earth
 Moa Iceland

Getting there
All visitors must hold a valid passport. Except for citizens of the West African Union all have to apply in other foreign missions in the country for a visa.

Freetown is serviced from Europe with Brussels Airlines from Brussels, with British Airways from London and the Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca. There are connecting flights of each airline from Frankfurt to the departure airport.

There are no rail connections to / from and within Sierra Leone.

Especially outside the cities it is largely dependent on a good working off-road car, since the state of the “streets” is often catastrophic.
For a few cents bus ride, the typical African overloaded minibuses, known in Sierra Leone PodaPoda through Freetown. The PodaPodas only drive on certain routes, but are accessible to all parts of the city. The destination is called by the “apprentice” from the window or door, it may also ask if the bus passes to its own target. One-and can get you wherever the PodaPodas come by. The prices are fixed: for certain, relatively long segments each 900 Leones (about 25 cents). In other provinces you go best with the comfortable coaches.

Taxi In Freetown, one can ride in taxis on fixed routes. For short distances, the prices are also determined (also 900 Leone, but for a shorter distance than the PodaPodas) negotiate for longer you may need. You can charter taxis, with the price depends heavily on negotiating skills. For 15,000 Leones (the equivalent of almost 4 €) should be able to hire a taxi for an hour. The state of PodaPodas and taxis can often be as adventurous as the driving style, but since at least the ever-clogged capital, usually at high speeds are not possible to go from the most accidents unscathed.

The official language is English, but speak the very few educated people. In Freetown, Krio is spoken mainly what a kind of pidgin English, a dialect of English is. With practice, you understand if you can speak English, at least about what people are talking to Krio – should not expect, that is understood by every English vice versa.Especially outside the capital is predominantly spoken language of the local ethnic group: mainly in the northern Temne, Mende in the south mostly, but also many other languages.

Typical West African cuisine with staple food rice.
 Bamboo Hut Restaurant & Bar

sierra leone cuisine Sierra Leone

sierra leone cuisine

 Hotel Cabenda
 The Country Lodge Complex
 Sierra Lighthouse
 Hotel Barmoi
 Hotel Kimbima
 Family Kingdom Resort
 YMCA Hostel in Freetown
 Other hotels, guesthouses, etc.

Violent crime is relatively rare in Sierra Leone, which appears straight in the face of the brutal war in the recent past, like a miracle. One can easily day in the capital to be traveling alone in almost all districts, should take only the crowd of pickpockets in eight. One of the biggest risk is probably the road, in the number of controlled traffic no longer really efficient cars and motorcycles from their reckless drivers.

Stay healthy
Sierra Leone, according to WHO yellow fever-infected area. Basically, the vaccine is recommended for all travelers. A valid vaccination against yellow fever is required for entry by all. Furthermore, a vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, especially poliomyelitis (polio), hepatitis A, in addition to long-term stays over 4 weeks, hepatitis B, rabies recommended, typhoid fever and meningococcal disease (including type A and W).

sierra leone diamonds Sierra Leone

sierra leone diamonds

sierra leone diamonds miner Sierra Leone

sierra leone diamonds miner

sierra leone dam Sierra Leone

sierra leone dam

sierra leone map Sierra Leone

sierra leone map

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