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Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

by WCC on March 3, 2012

in Asia

The Shwedagon Pagoda , and Shwedagon Paya is the most sacred and the religious center of Burma or Myanmar in Rangoon . It is considered a landmark of the whole country and is one of the most famous stupas in the world. Built on the heavily fortified and adorned with two terraces hill Pegu Yoma, surmounted the building is still the old capital.

shwedagon pagoda 550x412 Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda


Four covered entrances (Mouk) flights of stairs lead up to the long Shwedagon Pagoda. The eastern and the southern entrance (main entrance) lead past long rows of vendors selling the books, charms, Buddha statues and images, candles, flowers, incense, gold leaf and other offerings, prayer flags and pennants and shields. At the southern and the northern entrance, there are now elevators that lead up to the pagoda. The eastern entrance is the most traditional and ancient monasteries leads to ( Kyaung ) over. The 60,000-square-foot platform consists of marble slabs .

At the upper end of the southern Moonrise, two nine-meter Chinthe (mythical guardian figures, half lion, half dragon). The hill where the pagoda stands Shwegadon lies 58 meters above sea level, the temple complex covers more than five acres. Before the British conquered Burma were located around the pagoda ramparts that were built by the British and armed with cannons – even today you can see the gun emplacements (without guns).

The stupa stands 6.4 meters on a square platform, surrounded by 60 smaller stupas and the four major highlight on the short side directly opposite the entrance to the four cardinal directions. From this level rises the Chedi first 30 meters in three square, then octagonal terraces which merge into five terraces round (a traditional burmesisches component that enables the transition from a square into a round shape). It rises to the top of the chedi on bell-shaped. He has 16 flower decorated and goes into a reverse shell on (another traditional component Burma). This is followed by the lotus flower on, consisting of a series of downward-pointing and over a range upward facing lotus flowers. That build upon the banana flower is the top part of the chedi, on the tip of Hti mounted. lotus flower and banana flower are covered with gold plates, 13 153, while the remaining part of the chedi is covered with gold leaf. The weight of the gold plates is estimated at 60 tons, at the top there is a 76 – carat diamond. Your ten meters high and seven-storey Hti consists of iron and is decorated with seven gold rings. He weighs about a ton. This is followed by a weather vane on the move in the wind, with thousands of diamonds , rubies and sapphires is decorated (among other things, with 1,100 diamonds weighing 278 carats). At the uppermost part of Hti in 4351 with 1800 diamonds are carat weight, at the very top there is a 76-carat diamond that sparkles in the sunlight.

The central chedi is only part of numerous buildings on the hill Shwedagon. He is surrounded by numerous small and large temples chedi and stupa and hundreds of standing, sitting and reclining Buddha figures.

Compared to the southern entrance is the shrine of Konagamana, the second Buddha. Here are the most ancient Buddha statues in the Shwedagon. On both sides of the temple are two statues of Buddha, where a week, a planet and an animal are assigned (each worships the Buddha of the Burmese of the week on which he was born corresponding). These Buddha images are cast by the faithful as offerings with water. At the four corners of the Zentralchedi are mythical figures, consisting of a double lion body with human faces. In addition, the pavilion of the 28 previous Buddhas is the Buddha figures with 28. In the southeastern corner of the inscriptions are in four languages, reminiscent of the student revolt of 1920 against the British.

On the eastern side of the prayer hall is decorated with figures of May Lamu and the Nat -king, the royal parents Okkalapa , founder of the Shwedagon. A few steps behind the prayer hall is located with the reclining Buddha. As the head pointing north, the figure symbolizes the entry into Nirvana.

North is towards the rising of the pagoda of the eight days of the week, which includes eight Buddha images and sculptures of animals, the planet, animals, and weekdays are assigned. Behind this is another building in the Maha Ganda bell of bronze. The British wanted to bring this bell to England, but the boat capsized and sank the bell. All rescue attempts failed. Only confirmed as the Burmans, was the bell that remain in Burma, should they took the bell with the help of bamboo poles that they slipped under the bell. Opposite the staircase is located north of the temple and the Buddha Gotama Zazaung a symbolic footprint of the Buddha , that of a Nagaschlange is guarded. Further back there is another large stupa, the pagoda Naungdawgyi, the golden elder , built exactly to the point where the eight hairs of Buddha were originally worshiped. Nearby is the Maha Tissada bell, with 40 tons, the heaviest bell in the pagoda. In the southwestern corner of the site is the holy Bodhi tree for every Buddhist, was enlightened by the Buddha. In all eight directions are shrines to the planet, weekdays, Zodiac and certain properties are assigned.

shwedagon pagoda wallpaper 550x399 Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda wallpaper

shwedagon pagoda myanmar 550x353 Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda myanmar

shwedagon pagoda design 550x412 Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda design

shwedagon pagoda burma 550x412 Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda burma

diamond orb shwedagon Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

diamond orb shwedagon

burma shwedagon pagoda 550x399 Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

burma shwedagon pagoda

pin it button Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

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