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Sheffield, England

by WCC on May 22, 2012

in Europe

Sheffield is a British city in South Yorkshire and administrative center of the region of Yorkshire and the Humber. With 555,500 inhabitants (2010) and approximately 1.2 million inhabitants within the metropolitan region, it is one of the largest cities in England.

sheffield england Sheffield, England

sheffield england

The metropolitan area includes the neighboring cities of Sheffield Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. About the city stretches a hilly highlands, whose highest point at 548 meters, the lowest point at 29m ASL is. Five rivers cross the city, the Don, Sheaf, Rivelin, Loxley and Porter. West of the town lies the Peak District National Park and the southern foothills of the Pennines mountain range. With over 170 woodlands and 88 public gardens and parks, it is in relation to population is the greenest city in Europe.

The area around Sheffield was settled very early. In the nearby Creswell Crags traces were found of Stone Age cave dwellers, among other tools from stone, quartz, bone and mammoth ivory. In July 2004, at the same place called the Cave Church discovered a cave with wall paintings, which is also called the “Sistine Chapel of the Ice Age.” Although similar, older caves in Spain and France are still painted elaborate, the Cave Church is due to their location in the north very remarkable. 22 km south of Sheffield in 1955 a 150,000 years, old hand-ax found in the northern suburb of Deepcar a stone circle. In the suburb of Crookes was a grave with two urns from the early Bronze Age discovered other tombs in the suburb of Lodge Moor.

Sheffield is a major center of pop – and rock music. Among the best known representatives include The Human League, Pulp, Def Leppard, Joe Cocker and Arctic Monkeys. In 1989 the city was the record label Warp Records was founded by his publications, the major influence on the development of electronica music exercised. The early releases of the label was of music journalists as Sheffield sound called. In connection with the work of the label of the activity is in contrast to Warp Records in Sheffield today based design collective The Designers Republic to see.

sheffield university Sheffield, England

sheffield university

sheffield town centre Sheffield, England

sheffield town centre

sheffield city Sheffield, England

sheffield city

sheffield at night Sheffield, England

sheffield at night

sheffield Sheffield, England


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