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Seychelles, A Paradise On Earth

by WCC on November 2, 2012

in Africa, Oceania

An archipelago made up of 115 islands, Seychelles is a popular tourist destination in the continent of Africa. Its islands are spread out on the Indian Ocean and possess a diverse natural beauty and splendor.

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Seychelles is blessed with sparkling blue waters, exotic trees and flowers, striking underwater life, and other stunning scenery. Among the most visited Seychelles tourist destinations is the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, a six-island park located about five kilometers from the capital city of Victoria. Its six islands are the following: the Ste. Anne Island is where the Sainte Anne Island Resort is situated; the Cerf Island is home to a restaurant and three hotel-resorts; the Ile Cachee, a site where seabirds nest; the Round Island, the location of the five-star resort “Round Island Resort”; the Long Island, and the Moyenne Island, where only two people live, a man named Brendon Grimshaw and his assistant, and run a restaurant named Maison Moyenne.

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Another Seychelles island worth checking out is the Curieuse Island, a 4.6-kilometer island that is very distinct because of its red colored soil. It was originally known as Ile Rouge because of that. The Curieuse Marine National Park in the island serves as the home of approximately 500 Aldabra Giant Tortoise, 200 of which live in the wild and the rest are found at the park’s ranger station. The visitors are treated to a wide variety of wildlife that includes the humphead parrot fish that can grow up to 1.2 meters long.

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Aside from Seychelle’s marvelous landscape, the country also has a rich culture and interesting lifestyle. A stroll along the streets can expose you to the different influences the country has adopted from its former colonizers. As a tourist in Seychelles, you should not miss the appetizing gastronomy the country has to offer. The menu is a mixture of French, African, Indian, and native cuisines.

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Travelers may come and visit Seychelles any time as the island nation enjoys a tropical climate all-year round. There are several hotels and resorts that can accommodate multitudes of tourists that want to explore the different Seychelles attractions and spots.

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