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Seville, Spain

by WCC on March 22, 2012

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Sevilla is the capital of the autonomous region of Andalusia and Seville province of Spain. With over 700,000 inhabitants, Sevilla’s fourth largest city in Spain. After a late legend, the city was by the Greek hero Heracles founded. The inhabitants are called Sevillanos known.

seville Seville, Spain


The city is an important industrial and commercial center and tourist center. Seville is situated on both sides of the navigable up to this point Guadalquivir, in a vast and fertile plain. With its numerous towers of Seville offers an imposing sight on all sides. The city proper occupies the eastern bank of the Guadalquivir River and is surrounded by the suburbs of Los Humeros, Cesteria, Baratillo, Carreteria, Resolana surrounded by the great hospital of La Caridad, San Bernardo, San Roque y La Calzada Macarena and the Hospital de la Sangre. From the old, with 66 towers bearing ring wall which surrounded the inner city, only remnants are present. On the right bank of the river, spreads are still wide from the suburb of Triana.

Seville – perhaps a foundation of the Phoenicians – was already before the arrival of the Romans an important trade center in ancient times was called Hispalis. It is the capital of the mythical kingdom of Tartessos have been. Its name derives from the Tartessian columns from what lower country mean. Romans and Arabs have it converted into their respective languages. At that time, led the Guadalqivir near Seville, a large inland lake, which had access to the Atlantic. Meanwhile, this lake is silted up, but medium-sized ships can still start in Seville. Gaius Julius Caesar in 45 BC, the city rose to the colonia (as Colonia Romulensis or Colonia Julia Romula). Hispalis was one of the most important settlements in the province Baetica and was visited several times by emperors, but 428 was the city from passing through the Vandals sacked. Than during the Late Antiquity, the Visigoths ruled the greater part of Spain, played Hispalis / Seville an important role as bishop, 553, the city seems at times of the Byzantine troops of the Emperor Justinian I won, but was at least about 580 under control of the Visigoths. During this time, had also Isidore of Seville, the widespread use as the last great scholars of the ancient world and also is the first of the Middle Ages. In Seville, 590 and 619 were two councils (concilia Hispalensia) held.

seville spain Seville, Spain

seville spain

seville europe Seville, Spain

seville europe

seville city Seville, Spain

seville city

seville cathedral Seville, Spain

seville cathedral

seville at night Seville, Spain

seville at night

seville alcazar Seville, Spain

seville alcazar

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