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Sentosa, Singapore

by WCC on February 25, 2012

in Asia

Sentosa is a small Singapore island that can be easily reached from Singapore. Through land reclamation Sentosa has grown to five square kilometers (2006). The formerly used as a British military base today represents island with many gardens and numerous entertainment opportunities for a recreation area, the population of Singapore, and above all, a major tourist attraction in 2005 could include Sentosa for the first time over 5 million visitors.

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Of the Malay inhabitants of the island “Pulau Belakang Mati” was called, meaning something like “Isle of the Dead” or “the island of death” means. Several theories exist regarding the origin of this name: One suspects that cases of murder or piracy in the history of the island led to him. A second theory holds that a malaria epidemic in the late 1840s, which wiped out almost the entire population of the island of origin. A third theory is the name on the barren soil of the island.¬†1972 was renamed the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board as part of a competition in the island of Sentosa. The name comes from the Malay language and means something like “peace” or “peace”.

The island has an area of five square kilometers and is located half a kilometer south of the main island of Pulau Ujong . It is the fourth largest island (excluding the main island) of Singapore. 70% of the area is covered with rain forest, which include monkeys, lizards and numerous birds like peacocks and parrots can be found. The island on the south side a 3.2 kilometer white sand beach.¬†Sentosa is divided into four regions: the west is the region “Siloso Point,” in the middle “Imbiah,” the South “Beach”. The largest region “Serapong” occupies the entire east. Through land reclamation on the east side of the island it is currently increasing significantly. There are in the “Sentosa Cove” result for the first time residences on the island.

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