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Seattle, US

by WCC on March 16, 2012

in North America

Seattle is a city in the state of Washington (United States of America). The people of Seattle to describe a location almost always in reference to his quarters. One of the reasons is the rather confusing system of street naming (see mobility ). The division into districts is informal and is changing with time. The installation of street signs that are frequently seen on major streets and show that it “goes inside” in a particular district, is not mandatory. Nevertheless, it can be very helpful if you know from which quarter is when you look a certain address. A local would be 1401 45th SW West Seattle include, and 1401 NE 45th to U District (University District). These addresses are diagonally opposite on the map.

seattle Seattle, US


Seattle, sometimes Emerald City (Emerald City), is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. In the city are found on every corner trees and water. On clear days you have a wonderful view of the Olympic Mountains in the west (behind the channel Puget Sound ), and on Mount Rainier and the Cascades to the east. Within the city, it is rarely more than a hundred meters away from an espresso stand or coffee shop. Seattle was due to fishing, lumber and coal industries, and had with San Francisco, a strong main customers. The Boeing Company, founded in 1916, became the main employer in the city after the natural resources were exhausted. This strong economic dependence on the oil crisis, Boeing had a big effect on the region. In the last 25 years the city has developed greatly, especially under the influence of money from Microsoft and other software and biotechnology companies. The Pioneer Square is still a bit run down.

In addition, Seattle considerably by some universities (including the University of Washington , the largest contiguous campuses throughout the West Coast) and smaller colleges affected, and is the center for financial and legal systems and public health in the Pacific Northwest. The weather is often rainy (but mostly just drizzly). The period from mid-July to early September is often sunny, but the record temperature is only about 38 ° C. The average temperature for the warmest month, August is at 25 ° C. The short, dark and cloudy winter days would be more bearable if it would, instead of rain at just above freezing snow. The long, incredibly pleasant summer days outweigh the depressing winter time, however.

seattle photo Seattle, US

seattle photo

seattle skyline at night Seattle, US

seattle skyline at night

seattle wallpaper Seattle, US

seattle wallpaper

seattle harbour Seattle, US

seattle harbour

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), known as “Seattle”, the world connects with Seattle, particularly good are the trans-Pacific connections. Lufthansa flies daily since early 2008 from Frankfurt to Seattle. Alaska Airlines offers cheap flights from the Bay Area and from Southern California to.

There are several ways to get from the airport to the city center:

  • Taxis wait in the 3rd Floor of the parking garage. The trip takes about 20 minutes and costs $ 25 – $ 35
  • Rental car . Especially on weekends, it pays to the Internet to search for rental cars, because they exist as little as $ 12 per day (plus 18% tax). It should be here but the parking fee at the hotel, and the “airport tax” (11%) when his car directly at the airport leases. For rental cars from the city is not, and it saves some money.
  • Link Light Rail is, the latest link from the airport to the ‘Westlake Center “in downtown Seattle – the trip takes about 25 minutes – cost $ 2.50 (tickets at the vending machine before boarding!)
  • Shuttle – costs about $ 5 – $ 12.75
  • Metro (city bus). The lines 194 (express, 30 minutes) and 174 (45 – 60 minutes) to get to the center for $ 2.00. Make sure that they have suitable small change (eg by buying a coffee at the little Chinook coffee shop in the baggage claim). Go to the output terminals of the right and straight on to the southern en
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