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Seaside Riccione, Italy

by WCC on February 7, 2013

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Riccione is located in the east side of Italy and is a well known for its beautiful resorts. It is close to the Roman city of Rimini, where tourists can find many ancient places like the August Arch and Tiberio Bridge. The city is also located near a famous food exporting region called Emilia Romagna. This city also offers a very vibrant and active nightlife, with many bars, pubs and restaurants that all face the sea.

Since Riccione is a resort-city, it is most famous for its beaches, with their perfect cordiality, professionalism and organization. The city has a hundred and thirty-six bathing establishments with around three thousand and five

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hundred beach umbrellas and tents and forty-one lifeguards that take care of tourists’ safety. There are various areas on the beach for different types of people. There are areas for parties, special sporting activities and playgrounds for children.

A lot of people are unaware about the splendid countryside near Riccione. A short distance from the city tourists can find fortresses rich in history, fascinating castles and beautiful, breathtaking scenery. Some of the more

popular places include Castledelci, which is a place rich in perennial springs and in its greatest splendor during the middle-ages, Coriano, an ideal place for walks with its vineyards and olive groves, Gemmano, a natural and healthy walking route through the Conca Valley, Gradara, the setting for Paolo and Francesca’s tragic love story, Montecolombo, which comprises of a historical village built around an eleventh century castle and Montescudo, a medieval Malatesta fortress. There are also a number of villages and towns close by that perfectly recapture the times gone by, including Montefiore Conca, with its imposing Malastata fortress, Montegridolfo, with a fourteenth century Malastata castle, Poggio Berni, dominating two valleys and Republic of San Marino, which is on top of Mount Titano.

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The city of Riccione’s most attractive feature for most tourists is its nightlife. There are venues that are open till early morning as well as suit the tastes of different people. There are many clubs where tourists can drink, dance and meet new people. Some of the best places include Pascha, which is a highly trendy disco, Beach Café, Mojito and Prince, all of which are on the beach.

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Riccione also has several places that are perfect for tourists who simply want to explore the town by offering packets for cyclists, bicycle hires and cycling guides and tours. However, since cycling routes are mostly on the mountains or hills, and some flat areas on the coast, the cycling seasons are only during the spring and autumn seasons. The city also has a new theme park called Oltremare and a water park called Aquafan, which ensure that children and adults alike have an equally unforgettable time.

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Tourists planning a vacation or a quick visit to the city of Riccione can make reservations at Hotel Corallo. It is ideally located at the Riccione Waterfront, which is a popular locale in the city. It offers all the necessary amenities and impeccable service for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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