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Sea of Cortez

by WCC on March 23, 2012

in North America

Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California is a 160,000 km ² addition to the sea of the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and the peninsula of Baja California . It is about 1100 km long and 90-230 km wide. To the north lies the delta of the Colorado River . The two larger islands of the Gulf can also be found in the northern part: the Isla Angel de la Guarda and Isla Tiburón . The region of the Gulf is in an active tectonic fault zone, which among other things, the caldera Aguajito created. Politically part of the Gulf of California to Mexico.

sea of cortez Sea of Cortez

sea of cortez

The small marine section is home to a unique and rich ecosystem . Besides a large variety of endemic animals and plants here are many migratory species like the humpback whale , the California gray whale , the manta rays , scalloped hammerhead and the leatherback turtle found. In the Gulf of California is home to a subpopulation of fin whales , which does not undertake annual migration. She lives all year in this area, and gives her food for fish to, when the krill is rare.

sea of cortez mexico Sea of Cortez

sea of cortez in mexico

sea of cortez wallpaper Sea of Cortez

sea of cortez wallpaper

Sea of Cortez is also the only place the earth on which the extinction of endangered Golftümmler or vaquita are to be found. Because of this subspecies of the harbor porpoise , there are a total of only about 500 animals in 1993 in the north, a more than 930,000 hectares large reserve set up. Attempts by the Mexican government to establish more protected areas have failed so far to the ability to enforce and political differences: The several thousand miles of coast line are hard to monitor, and the commercial fishing industry has come together to form a politically strong community, which is no great interest in has to ban fishing.

The region was the commercial fishery for a long time a major source of income. Several writers tell of tuna shoals , which should be more than 150 kilometers long. The Gulf of California has always attracts a large number of sport fishermen on. Today the sea is still visited by many tourists, but because of overfishing, the fish yields go back slowly. See also Totoaba .

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