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Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia

by WCC on June 5, 2012

in South America

Santa Rosa de Cabal is one of the main cities of the department in Colombia of Risaralda with a population of 72,417 inhabitants between its rural and urban areas. The City of Araucaria known as an area of 564 km² and located in the Colombian Andes, specifically the coffee region has a temperate mountain, with an average temperature of 19 ° C.

santa rosa de cabal Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia

santa rosa de cabal

Santa Rosa de Cabal also belongs to the Colombian region called the Coffee and its economy revolves around coffee, although in recent years its economy has increased tourist activity, since it has two major attractions such as hot springs and a small lake medicinal mud with large properties to the skin, the municipality retains the style of the coffee towns of mid-twentieth century with its typical houses with flowered balconies characteristic of colonization Antioquia, the main church and the park of the pine in the center of people are also renowned santarrosanos sausages.

The city is near the Nevado de Santa Isabel which has a height of 4,950 meters above sea level and works as a natural border between the departments of Risaralda and Tolima. Another prominent site within the territory of the city is the Laguna del Otún and consistent with other form river river system. It is a place used for ecotourism by the farm-hotels and traditional life of the farm paisa.

parque santa rosa de cabal Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia

parque santa rosa de cabal

santa rosa de cabal river and waterfall Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia

santa rosa de cabal river and waterfall

santa rosa de cabal colombia Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia

santa rosa de cabal colombia

Santa Rosa de Cabal was in the development of the Colonization Antioquia, an important pillar for the colonization of land Risaralda Valley and the foundation of most of the people of northern Cauca Valley, such as Cairo, New Anserma, Versailles , El Aguila, etc., reaching influence in the repopulation of the town of Carthage. Santa Rosa, from its founding in the year 1844 by the colonizer Fermin Lopez and over the years has been the birthplace of characters who have excelled in the arts, education and the development, characters like Lorencita Villegas, wife of former Colombia President Dr. Eduardo Santos, Emilio Buitrago, Jesus Osorio and Jose Saturnino Lopez Cardona (1918-1974) who developed retail chains from Santa Rosa to the south of Quindio, Buga, and Popayán and just as extensions of commercial development in new sectors of the municipality, increasing commercial development on the route that connected the town with Manizales, in the fields of Tarapaca and La Maria. Cases like this were common within the different inhabitants of Santa Rosa de Cabal, who between the 1920 and 1950 gave encouragement to the “colonization Antioquia” populating the middle and upper valley of Cauca, in the municipalities of Versailles Restrepo, Caicedonia, Sevilla, Toro, Calima, ect, the region of Pijao and Buenavista in southern Quindio and able to establish a trading colony in the city of Calgrtvtgi, through trade and movement of population to these Santarrosanos locations.

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