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Santa Catarina Island | Brazil

by WCC on May 27, 2012

in South America

Island of Santa Catarina is part of the municipality of Florianópolis and is located in the Atlantic Ocean, the coast south of Brazil, in the center of the coast of the State of Santa Catarina , between latitudes 27 ° south and longitude 48 ° west . It is about 54 km long (north-south) by at most 18 km wide (east-west), north, totaling an area of 424.4 km ².

Santa Catarina Island Santa Catarina Island | Brazil

Santa Catarina Island

Most of the city of Florianópolis (97.23%), the state capital, lies on the island of Santa Catarina. The city center is located in the Midwest, with various neighborhoods and districts distributed in the rest of the island: the neighborhoods of Bunker , Big Creek , Itacorubi , Pantanal , Parque São Jorge, Santa Monica and the Trinity (where the UFSC ) located in the center of the island. To the northwest are St. Anthony of Lisbon , Cacupé , Shellmound , the Bar of the Shellmound and Praia da Daniela . In the north are the towns of British , Canasvieiras and Jurerê . In north-central Mice , Vargem Great and Small Vargem . In the northeast the Red River . In the east the Barra da Lagoa , the Lagoa da Conceição , Rio Tavares and Campeche . In the southeast the Morro das Pedras and Frame Swamp South In the South the Southern Swamp and the Costa de Dentro . In the south-central Costa de Cima . In the southwest Caieira Bar South and Ribeirão da Ilha.

Santa Catarina Island brazil Santa Catarina Island | Brazil

Santa Catarina Island brazil

Santa Catarina Island Beach Santa Catarina Island | Brazil

Santa Catarina Island Beach

The island is the largest of an archipelago consisting of more than 30 islands, mostly islands in the municipality of Florianópolis . Besides these, are part of the archipelago islands of neighboring municipalities and the Anhatomirim Island , Goat Island , Island Grove , Desert Island and Isle Welsh among others. The island of Santa Catarina is connected to the mainland by three bridges, the bridge Hercílio Light , the Colombo Salles Bridge and Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge . These bridges are due to a channel that has about 500 meters wide and up to 28 meters deep. The strait is named formed one of the neighborhoods of the city and continental borders the North and South bays.

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