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San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

by WCC on May 29, 2012

in South America

San Pedro de Atacama is a village situated at 2500 m altitude in an oasis in the desert of Atacama. It is a village inhabited since Inca era. 900 people live there. This is the starting point for exploring the surrounding desert. The Atacama desert is one of the driest in the world, and around San Pedro Andean volcanic activity generates many fascinating sites: Moon Valley, Canyon salt, salt deserts, mud geysers, lakes cyanide. The scenery is spectacular, the colors aliens. we can also practice sandboarding (not to practice if we have a minimum sense of ecology), the volcano climbing as Licancabur.

San pedro de Atacama wallpaper San Pedro de Atacama   Chile

San pedro de Atacama wallpaper

In San Pedro, finding accommodation is simple and accessible to all. Camping at the hotel through the “residencials”, all budgets are represented. San Pedro is easily accessible from the bus station or airport Atacama. Valley of the Moon, is visited by late afternoon if you want to watch the sunset. Accessible mini bus or car, go by bike (rented in San Pedro) is a real pleasure. Beware, however, return at night.

The geysers are the ones to discover the morning, at sunrise. Beware of cold and altitude! The sunrise in the vapors of a geyser is unforgettable memory! In San Pedro, it is possible to find a guide that you can climb to heights of more than 5000 meters. Some of these peaks require neither technical nor special equipment (except for walking shoes and a good pull). Thus the escalation del “Toco” allows you to climb to 5600 meters and more to admire the volcanoes, the Atacama Desert and some lagoons and blue waters of the other side of the border with Bolivia.

San pedro de Atacama landscape San Pedro de Atacama   Chile

San pedro de Atacama landscape

San pedro de Atacama chile San Pedro de Atacama   Chile

San pedro de Atacama chile

A few hours from San Pedro and south of the Salar de Atacama, do not miss walking along the banks of the lagoon Miscanti. Perched in the middle of the volcanoes, you will not forget the intensity of its turquoise waters! At about 130 km from San Pedro towards the border with Argentina, is the Salar de Tara. It’s pretty tough to get because there is no road leading to it (only traces). From the main road, at Monjes of Pacana, follow the tracks on their way to the desert. After 30 km (1 hour) you will reach the salar: with its beautiful pink flamingos, and llamas. The rock formations that line the salar are also superb. This is really the nature of gross state: no tourists, no road, the silence. Site accessible only by 4×4.

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