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San Luis Potosi – Mexico

by WCC on March 21, 2012

in North America

San Luis Potosi is a city in north-central Mexico with 1.085 million inhabitants (including suburbs) and the capital of the eponymous state . It was founded on 4 November 1592nd. Situated at 1858 m in the city is bordered east by the Sierra de Alvarez and the west by the Sierra San Miguelito. The highest elevation mountain and at the same time is of the San Luis Potosi with 2,670 m in the southwestern Cerro El Potosi.

san luis potosi San Luis Potosi   Mexico

san luis potosi

San Luis Potosi is one of the Silver Cities of Mexico, but economically significant as has always been the center of a breeding territory. It was named after French King Louis IX. called “Saint Louis” (hence San Luis ) and the silver city of Potosi in present-day Bolivia , as was expected just as much wealth from the local mines . In recent decades, the city developed rapidly into an important center for the steel and automotive industry in Mexico. San Luis Potosi has many colonial buildings, especially the facade of the cathedral is considered to be well worth seeing. During the French intervention from 1861 to 1867 it was the seat of the republican government under Benito Juarez . Since 2001 she is under the number 1272 on the ” Tentative List “of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.

The importance of the city as a city of silver has decreased over the course of history and is now equal to zero. However, San Luis Potosi learns from its central location in Mexico a large ever-growing importance as an industrial center. Sun move more and more international companies in the Industrial Zone at. There are companies such as Thyssen Krupp , Daimler , Continental , EJOT ATF Fasteners de Mexico ( EJOT ) Dräxlmaier Group , Bizerba , etc. represent. The main industries are the steel – and automotive industries.

san luis potosi cathredal San Luis Potosi   Mexico

san luis potosi cathredal

The tourism plays a dominant role for the city, not because San Luis Potosi to the typical tourist routes such as Santiago de Querétaro , San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato is located. Yet precisely because the city has its history as a silver mining town and once richest city in Mexico a lot of attractions to offer, including the historic city center.

san luis potosi mexico San Luis Potosi   Mexico

san luis potosi mexico

The climate is pleasant all year round dry-warm. Rainfall is rare, and in winter the thermometer rarely falls below 5 ° C. The high altitude of the city contributes to this pleasant temperatures. In summer, temperatures are relatively constant above 30 ° C reported that the dry climate, however, are quite tolerable.

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