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San Jose | Costa Rica

by WCC on March 4, 2012

in North America

San Jose is a city of Costa Rica. There is a National Museum of Costa Rica. The museum has existed since 1888 and gives an overview of culture and history of Costa Rica from the pre-Columbian era. The museum contains four sections. Generally people spend the museum in the opposite direction of the clock and start aqujas the archeology room. In this part of the museum you can see real-size models that show how early humans lived in Latin America. In addition there is a map showing the three regions archaeologists, Chorotega in the northwest, Huetares in central and southern Brunca in the country. Many ceramic, which in most of the Chorotegas partecen were found in tombs and are now a major part of the expocicion. The beds that can be seen in this room come from huetares. Something very interesting in this room are round stones and mystery. There is a ball that is broken into two pieces by the Spanish who piensaban that there is gold inside and some balls integers. Also there are models of the houses pre-Columbian The territory of Costa Rica today.

san jose costa rica San Jose | Costa Rica

san jose costa rica

San Jose is a city with few attractions, and not beautiful. Be very careful of pickpockets in crowded places and in action with a particular fondness for the bus stations. The traffic then was chaotic. He, however, an intense night life though provincial style and geared to Kitsch. Those who do not love, once they all’areoporto, prefer to go to Alajuela , a city just 2 km, much smaller and therefore more peaceful and good services.

The second room is gold in Costa Rica. Most of the are of the Brunca piezes who immigrated from South America to Costa Rica. Many things have animals such as frogs and crocodiles. There are also pieces of work alguons gold amierca they found in southern Costa Rica. The next room is called “Colonial Room” and is basically a living space of colonial times in Costa Rica.

san jose San Jose | Costa Rica

san jose

The last room devoted to the history of Costa Rica after Colon. With several things you want to explain to the visitor as dessarollo Costa Rica. There are maps, parts of newspapers, pictures, paintings and much more you can see in this room. Historical changes such as Independence, coffee and bananas, the railroad and its contributions to society and the economy and other issues are discussed there. Jade Museum the museum is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 15:30, Saturdays from 9:00 to 1:00 pm. Admission is $8, children under 12 pay nothing, nationals charged Colones 1000, enter free on Wednesdays. Address: Avenida 7, 9 and 11 Street, in front of Spain Park.

san jose street San Jose | Costa Rica

san jose street

san jose air port San Jose | Costa Rica

san jose airport

The Jade Museum displays the largest collection of pre-Columbian jade in America. Now located on the ground floor of the National Insurance Institute offers a very nice to see not only the Jade but also many other objects of materials such as ceramics, stone, bone, shell, wood and others. It also explains how he developed the pre-Columbian Jade in time and shows how people lived in pre-Columbian times. Each visitor receives a booklet with general information about the museum.

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