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Salvador – Brazil

by WCC on May 15, 2012

in South America

Salvador is the capital of Brazil and is the largest bay in the country, some of the islands are beautiful vogelagert. It is a metropolis in the Catholic faith and Western culture wonderfully peaceful and mixed with African and African religious rites coexist. This religion called Candomblé.

Salvador brazil Salvador   Brazil

Salvador brazil

Many airlines fly to the international airport of Salvador da Bahia (Dois de Manaus, IATA code: SSA) to. Among other things, there is a direct connection from Frankfurt with Condor or TAP via Lisbon. The airport of Salvador is located approximately 30 km east of downtown and is accessible by bus and taxi journey away. The taxi ride to the center costs about R $ 60. The bus stops outside the airport to the park, runs about every half hour and costs R$ 3. The bus travels the entire coastline (including Oceania Avenu), past the Barra to the city center, 100m south of Praca Municipal. Or the other way Litoral Norte, where the tourist areas are.

The state of Bahia is influenced by African culture by slaves brought to Brazil and was further developed. Among the commonly encountered forms of culture is the (percussion) music, the religious rites of Candomble as well as the fight-dance Capoeira . All of these cultural forms can be met as practiced in Bahia and Salvador. Especially the wide range of capoeira schools is unparalleled: At least for the original style of Capoeira Capoeira Angola is the undisputed center of Salvador. The city attracts Angoleiras from around the world take in the great living masters of Capoeira lesson. Angola based on known masters including Mestre João Pequeno and Mestre Moraes.

Salvador brazil women Salvador   Brazil

Salvador brazil women

Salvador Beach Salvador   Brazil

Salvador Beach

Salvador carnival Salvador   Brazil

Salvador carnival

Salvador bahia brazil Salvador   Brazil

Salvador bahia brazil

The Carnival of the city is famous and is considered by the Brazilians themselves for better and more vivid than the world-famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Salvador is also from the battle-dance capoeira , which was developed by slaves. It was the slaves forbidden, for fear of slave uprisings, auszuüeben any action that had to do with combat or self defense. This did the slaves but to deal with it to disguise the fight or self defense as a dance.

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