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Salou, Spain

by WCC on June 11, 2012

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Salou is a seaside town of 26,650 inhabitants located in the province of Tarragona, on the Costa Dorada, 10 miles from the city of Tarragona and 9 in the city of Reus. It is considered the capital of the Costa Dorada, being the most important tourist destination. Founded by the Greeks the sixth century. C., the city was an important trading port during the Middle Ages and Modern Age. Throughout the twentieth century, Salou became a major center for tourism, a condition that continues today. On the outskirts of the town is the theme park Port Aventura.

salou Salou, Spain


According to the currently accepted hypothesis, Salanrio (sound city) was founded in the sixth century. C. by Greek region of Phocis. The first written source that mentions the city is “Maritime Work”, the Roman writer Avieno (fourth century). This book, based on a Greek text of between 530 and 500 BC, made a geographical description of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, from Gibraltar to Marseilles.

During the Roman domination, the city was renamed Salauris, and is one of the most important ports of Nearer Spain. From here, with the Moorish invasion, is a progressive depopulation and abandonment of the territory. The city flourished again under the impetus of the Reconquista, granting in 1211 the jurisdiction of the territory to the archbishop of Tarragona.

Given the exceptional conditions of the natural port of Salou, the place is fast becoming one of the largest ports in the Crown of Aragon, importance will prevail until the nineteenth century. Thus, at the request of the merchants of Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Tortosa against attacks by Saracen pirates Majorcan Catalan commercial fleets, the sixth of September 1229 King Jaime I Salou focuses on a squad that would start to regain Aragon Mallorca to Abu Yahya, the Almohad governor of the island. Because of looting pirates who terrorized the population, in 1530, Pere de Cardona, Archbishop of Tarragona, ordered to build the Torre Vella de Salou, to defend the city.

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salou wallpaper

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salou spain

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