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Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

by WCC on May 3, 2012

in Asia

Sagada is a Philippine municipality in the province of Mountain Province . The town lies in a valley at an altitude of about 1600 m. According to the census of 2000 it had 10 575 inhabitants in 2158 ² households and covers an area of 83.3 km. 1995 95% of the population belonged to the tribe of Kankana-ey, of the Igorot counts.

Sagada Waterfalls Philippines 550x412 Sagada, Mountain Province,  Philippines

Sagada Waterfalls Philippines

Almost every household cultivates a small plot of land: rice, corn, vegetables and fruits and keeps a few pigs, and for the conduct of rituals. There are also “sari-sari stores”, grocery stores, to weaving, guest houses, restaurants and cafes. Tourism is increasingly characterizes the city.

Sagada Mountain Province 550x374 Sagada, Mountain Province,  Philippines

Sagada Mountain Province

Rice Terraces of Sagada 550x412 Sagada, Mountain Province,  Philippines

Rice Terraces of Sagada

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