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by WCC on February 9, 2012

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Russia is a federal state in northeastern Eurasia, by area the largest in the world and has almost 143 million inhabitants. The capital and fundamental group unit of the Russian state is Moscow. Russia’s territory today evolved from a relatively small core area of the empire. With this expansion, but Russia was ethnically homogenous country to a multi-ethnic state, with more than one hundred indigenous ethnic groups, with ethnic Russians make up about 80 percent of the population.

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The Russian Federation is “continuator state” of the Soviet Union in international organizations, nuclear power and permanent member of UN Security Council. Historically linked to the Russian Federation to the period before the October Revolution to. However, Russia’s borders meet those of the non- Empire before 1917, but those of the relatively homogeneous ethnically Russian Tsardom in the 17th Century. The country is after the partial recovery of the post-communist transformation crisis in the 1990s, especially given the wealth of natural resources as a major industrialized nation and was therefore a member of the economic G8 recorded.

In the area of Russia, which is 17.075 million square kilometers, by far the largest country in the world, there are some of the longest rivers and the oldest and deepest lake in the world (Lake Baikal), and it has the largest body of freshwater in the world (Ladoga and Lake Baikal). Except for the tropics are all climate zones represented. Russia covers eleven percent of the world’s land area, which corresponds roughly to the area of Australia and Europe together. From west to east, Russia extended to a total length of 9,000 kilometers east of 19° to 169° west longitude over two continents. Asia accounts for 75 percent of the land area, Europe 25 percent. From north to south, the expansion up to 4,000 kilometers, from the 48th until the 81st Degrees north latitude. If the relief structure and the Russian river systems are compared, such a grid is created from broad parallel watersheds and the steppe belt in the south and the meridionally aligned current ways out.

russia moscow Russia

russia moscow

russia landscape Russia

russia landscape

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russia kremlin

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russia city

moscow russia Russia

moscow russia

beautiful russia girls Russia

beautiful russia girls

russia women Russia

russia women

russia girls Russia

russia girls

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