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Rottnest Island, Australia

by WCC on June 14, 2012

in Australia

Rottnest Iceland is a small island off the coast of the Australian state of Western Australia near Perth , and very popular for day trips. Although developed for tourism, but motor vehicles are prohibited. However, it is possible to explore the island on a day by bike, as it only 11 miles long and 4.5 km wide. Rottnest Iceland is an important habitat for rare species because they are free of foxes and rats could be maintained, so as the Quokka could survive. This can also be observed in rare birds, such as the Cliff Parakeet (English rock Parrot).Traces of human occupation by Australian aborigines are about 6,500 years old.

Rottnest Island 550x366 Rottnest Island, Australia Rottnest Island

By Dutch sailors, the island was sighted several times since 1610. Frederick de Houtman arrived in 1619, the three ships Waekende Boey, Elburg and Emeloort 1658th The name comes from Dutch explorers under Willem de Vlamingh , the island on 29 December 1696, visited and gave a rat’s nest. It was on the island but no rats , there was a confusion with the Quokka. From 1829/30, soon after the establishment of the Swan River Colony was surveyed the island. It was a town names Kingstown to be built. The Thomson Bay is by Robert Thomson, named the largest landowners in the 1830s. from the two lakes on the island of salt was obtained.  From 1861-1912/13, a purpose-built Governor’s residence used as a summer retreat. The building is a hotel since 1953.

From 1838 the island was placed under the British Crown, the landowner, expropriated against compensation. It was followed by the establishment of a penal colony for Aborigines , in the First World War there was a concentration camp (concentration camp) for State Associated of the Triple Alliance established. were in September in the camp 989 prisoners, including 848 civilians and 148 prisoners of war. In November 1915, the approximately 1000 inmates who cared most miserable lived in tents in the camp Holdsworthy in Sydney transferred.

The administration of the island practiced since 1934, a Board of Control of the Government of Western Australia was responsible. has been extended until 1937, a military base. The batteries were created in 1945 dismantled beginning to 1953. The purely military use, however, ended only 1960th The Kingstown Barracks was used to a limited extent for educational awakening to 1984.  During the Second World War the island was again placed under military control. Between January and September 1940 Italian prisoners were interned civilians who had been arrested across the state after the war with Italy. In June came the officers of the gekapertern before Freemantle Remo added as prisoners of war. Again, the accommodations were ill-prepared. In August 2008, a commemorative plaque was unveiled, commemorating the suffering of the prisoners.

Rottnest Island Mercusuar 550x366 Rottnest Island, Australia Rottnest Island Mercusuar Rottnest Island Beach 550x366 Rottnest Island, Australia Rottnest Island Beach Rottnest Island Australia 550x543 Rottnest Island, Australia Rottnest Island Australia pin it button Rottnest Island, Australia

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