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Rome, Italy

by WCC on March 2, 2012

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Rome is the capital of Italy. With approximately 2.7 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area and about 3.3 million inhabitants as agglomeration, it is the largest city in Italy. Rome is located in the region of Lazio, on the banks of the river Tiber.

rome Rome, Italy


Rome, not least because of its role in the ancient world as the capital of the Roman Empire as the “Eternal City”, is the oldest capital in Europe (700 years older than Paris, 710 years older than London, about 1300 years older than Madrid and 1990 years older than Berlin), was the first city in the history of mankind, since 1871, the capital of the Risorgimento united Italy and seat of the Military Order of Malta, of an independent, not government subject of international law is. She is also the administrative seat of the Region of Lazio and the province of Rome. Within the city is the independent state of Vatican City an enclave. The Vatican is the seat of the Bishop of Rome and therefore the Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Rome is rich in important monuments and museums, and therefore the object of countless tourists. The historic center of Rome, the Basilica and the Vatican were of the UNESCO in 1980 for World Heritage site declared. In addition, the Rome headquarters of the UN ‘s specialized agencies FAO, IFAD and WFP.

vatican city rome Rome, Italy

vatican city rome

rom wallpaper Rome, Italy

rome wallpaper

rome italy Rome, Italy

rome italy

rome europe Rome, Italy

rome europe

rome colosseum Rome, Italy

rome colosseum

rome at night Rome, Italy

rome at night

city of rome Rome, Italy

city of rome

ancient rome Rome, Italy

ancient rome

Rome is located in the center of the country on the Tiber, not far from the Tyrrhenian Sea, an average of 37 meters above sea level. To the east of Rome are the Abruzzo region, in north-east, the Sabine Mountains and south of the Alban Hills. Rome is located in the Tiber plane in which the Tiber and Aniene unite just outside the city. The other area is the Roman countryside, or just Campagna. The province of Rome, is bounded on the north by the province of Viterbo and the province of Rieti, in the east of the province of L’Aquila in the region of Abruzzo, and in the south of the province of Frosinone and Latina province.

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