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Robinson Crusoe Island Chile

by WCC on May 31, 2012

in South America

Robinson Crusoe or Isla Robinson Crusoe is 96.4 km ² the largest island in Chile belonging archipelago of Juan Fernández Islands . It is located in the southern Pacific Ocean 674 kilometers west of the Chilean coast. To the island in 1966 by the Chilean government in Isla Robinson Crusoe has been renamed, it was called Isla Más a Tierra (dt “the country of more island”). Through active volcanic activity in the geological past, as well as by erosion, the island is mountainous with steep slopes. The highest point on the mountain Cerro El Yunque is located 916 meters above sea level. The southwestern part of the island ends in a narrow peninsula called Cordon Escarpado . South of the island lies 1.5 km from the island of Santa Clara.

Robinson Crusoe Island Robinson Crusoe Island Chile

Robinson Crusoe Island

By the earthquake of 27 February 2010 in central Chile, a tsunami triggered, which destroyed almost all buildings on the island and several human lives. The 12-year-old girl Martina Maturana many villagers saved his life by the presence of mind rang the warning bell, as the wave on the coast raced.

Robinson Crusoe Island fire dance Robinson Crusoe Island Chile

Robinson Crusoe Island fire dance

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