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Río Abiseo National Park

by WCC on June 12, 2012

in South America

The National Park Río Abiseo was on 11 August 1983 by the Peruvian government to protect the cloud forests and unique flora and fauna established. The UNESCO declared it in 1990 for World Cultural and Natural World Heritage . The National Park is located in the department of San Martín and covers an area of 2745 km². In the range between 350 m and 4200 m altitude, there are seven different habitats, have created a diverse and rich flora and fauna. The cloud forests of the tropical rain forests are, have the greatest variety of plants. There are ferns, orchids, bromeliads, sugar cane and mosses. A total of 261 species to date, identified 105 families and 980 different plants. Including 13 species of orchids are unknown to science.

The animal world is similarly diverse. 11 genera and 13 different mammals are known so far, including the endangered yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda), which occurs only here. Other endangered animals are the Andean deer (Hippocamelus anti soussensis), the Punataucher (agouti taczanowskii), the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) and the Golden-fronted spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth). Among the 132 bird species present are the king vulture (Sarcoramphus papa), the Yellow-crowned Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala) and the red-eye duck (Netta erythrophthalma).

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