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Rimini, Italy

by WCC on June 5, 2012

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Rimini is a city on the Italian Adriatic coast of Emilia-Romagna with 143 321 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) and capital of the province of Rimini. She is now a center of the bathing tourism. Rimini was 268 BC by the Romans as a colony Ariminum (because of the mouth of the river Ariminus founded), to oppose the advancing Gauls to set up a garrison. From here, the Romans conquered the Po Valle. Caesar in 49 BC, took possession of the city, from here to the Rubicon to cross.

rimini beach Rimini, Italy

rimini beach

359 was the council of Rimini held. Of 13 Century to 1503/04 was ruled by the Malatesta as vicars of the church in the city. In 1504 it was under occupation by the Venetians in 1509 and 1528 final games for change under the direct rule of the Church and the Papal States. An earthquake in 1671 spilled the harbor.

In Rimini is Italy’s largest miniature park, the Italia in Miniatura, in addition to the buildings of Italy and other European structures are displayed in a thumbnail format. Connected to the park also is a theme park, among other things, a log flume has. Similarly, Rimini is famous for the many nightclubs that are frequented by many young people traveling.

rimini bridge Rimini, Italy

rimini bridge

rimini taly Rimini, Italy

rimini taly

rimini hotels Rimini, Italy

rimini hotels

rimini city Rimini, Italy

rimini city

rimini Rimini, Italy


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