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Rhode Island, United States

by WCC on March 8, 2012

in North America

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States , wedged between Massachusetts and Connecticut in New England . However, it has more than 400 miles of coastline, courtesy of the Narragansett Bay and islands as Aquideneck Island, home to the city of Newport , the “City by the Sea”. There are five regions in Rhode Island: Bristol County, Kent County, Newport County, Providence County, South County, the family name for the county of Washington. Providence is the state capital.

rhode island Rhode Island, United States

rhode island

The full name of the state, as established by Royal Charter granted by King Charles II in 1663, is “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”. Despite sprawling cities of the east coast, there is still territory along the ocean and farmland developed with care. The name is probably derived from the name Roode Eylandt given him by the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, because of its red clay. The state’s population is little more than a million, so even the smallest state in the U.S., is only forty-figured third in population.

The people of Rhode Island speaks with an accent clearly of eastern New England, like Boston. Natives also have names for certain well-known places, sometimes with a historical aspect. For example, the Henderson Bridge, which is a mini-freeway in the area of Providence , is known affectionately as the “red bridge” because before the current bridge was built, a red wooden bridge was there. Central Falls and East Providence will be known, especially in newspapers, respectively, as CF and EP.

rhode island mansion Rhode Island, United States

rhode island mansion

The national pastime of Rhode Island is political, which can become quite emotional here. Rhode Island has the only surviving parliamentary democracy in the U.S. Combined with a mood of “all know everything” and have the policy of Rhode Island at a glance.

rhode island providence Rhode Island, United States

rhode island providence

rhode island misquamicut beach Rhode Island, United States

rhode island misquamicut beach

There are many different types of culinary delights available themed dining establishments, to more formal dining. The Culinary Arts School and Johnson and Wales University provide a constant crowd of well-trained chefs to the area. The Federal Hill in Providence falls short of its assets with some outstanding Italian restaurants, but there are great Italian cuisine throughout the state. Fresh seafood is abundant, of course, and almost always a good choice.
Del’s Lemonade has been a phenomenon throughout the state. A time-sharing in small vehicles only style of ice cream trucks, saving is more than 25 locations in six flavors set after the original lemon. Get some.

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