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Redang Island, Malaysia

by WCC on March 10, 2012

in Asia

Redang Island is a Malaysian island in the South China Sea . It lies about 25 km off the east coast of the Malay Peninsula and about 50 km northwest of the city of Kuala Terengganu at 5 ° 47 ‘north latitude and 103 degrees east longitude.

redang island 550x412 Redang Island, Malaysia

redang island

The approximately 25 square kilometer island is by 17 tourist hotel facilities readily accessible and a popular destination for tourists all-inclusive short breaks as well as from Malaysia and Singapore . The only major town on the island is located on the southwest tip of the island. Here the larger Fast boats from Kuala Terengganu (about 75 min) to the tourists, food and other hotel supplies to the island. Even a small airstrip is located here, the day during the holiday season from Kuala Lumpur with Berjaya Air will be served. Most of the resort facilities located in the east of the island, however. Since there is no link between the southwestern tip attached and the beaches to the east are, they will be using the hotel’s speedboat from the town of Merang served (about 45 min).

Redang has some beautiful white sand beaches. The two main beaches of Teluk Kalong and Pasir Panjang are located in the east. In the north-east of the island which lies Teluk Dalam Kecil Bay with another very beautiful and wide sandy beach, which also goes very flat into the open water. Adventurous souls can hike through a small jungle path between these two beaches. Among the eight surrounding islands or to turtle bay in the north of the island, which like the main island, also to Pulau Redang National Park include, can be rewarding diving or snorkeling company. The underwater world around the island is largely intact, there is a very dense vegetation and beautiful, with over 60 different types of soft and hard corals and some large-and small fish.

redang island map 550x733 Redang Island, Malaysia

redang island map

redang island malaysia 550x412 Redang Island, Malaysia

redang island malaysia

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redang island calender

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redang island beach

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