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Quilotoa Loop Ecuador

by WCC on June 8, 2012

in South America

Quilotoa is the name of a caldera , and therein the crater lake , while the westernmost volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. Now, the highest point at 3914m height, diameter of the caldera is 3 km. The last eruption took place, possibly in 1280 instead. At that time there occurred a violent eruption, the lahar and pyroclastic flow to the Pacific reached. Since then, lies in the caldera up to 250 m deep crater with by minerals arising green color.

quilotoa loop Quilotoa Loop Ecuador

quilotoa loop

At the bottom of the lake there are fumaroles, at the east side of the volcano are hot springs. For some time the Quilotoa a popular tourist destination: mostly from the nearby town Zumbahua of tourists come and pay admission for the view, popular is the 5-hour hike around the volcano, in about 3 hours you can to the caldera lake round-trip hike.

quilotoa loop mountains Quilotoa Loop Ecuador

quilotoa loop mountains

quilotoa loop ecuador tour Quilotoa Loop Ecuador

quilotoa loop ecuador tour

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