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Qaanaaq, Greenland

by WCC on March 5, 2012

in North America

Qaanaaq is a village in northern Greenland . It is the northernmost place with a resident population. Getting there is a bit more complicated than the rest of Greenland. First you have to get permission to use the nearby airport, Thule Airbase, which is under American control. Permission to travel to / from Thule Air Base, at the moment (April 2007) available by sending a request to the Danish Foreign Ministry.

qaanaaq Qaanaaq, Greenland


Qaanaaq is located in the northwest of the country in the Baffin Bay on the Hayes Peninsula at Inglefield Fjord , about 200 kilometers southwest of the geomagnetic North Pole . Near the village, about 90 miles as the crow flies to the south, is the Thule Air Base . This was 1952 at the site of the original settlement Uummannaq built, which was forcibly relocated in 1953 completely. Most of the residents chose to Qaanaaq as his new home. From the air base from where the place within an hour using a helicopter to be achieved.

qaanaaq midnight Qaanaaq, Greenland

qaanaaq midnight

qaanaaq greenland Qaanaaq, Greenland

qaanaaq greenland

qaanaaq activity Qaanaaq, Greenland

qaanaaq activity

On 22 January 1968 fell one-start from where long-range bomber B-52 with four hydrogen bombs off. Until 29 June 1995, the Danish Foreign Minister Niels Helveg Petersen , that the Danish Prime Minister Hans Christian Svane Hansen 1957 United States conceded the right to nuclear weapons at Thule store and fly over Greenland territory with nuclear weapons. This sparked not only a compensation claim at the time used and contaminated local workers and prisoners, but the Greenland government also demanded compensation for the forced relocation of 1953. While the workers and prisoners were compensated in 1995, got the Thule residents in 1999 right when the transfer was described as illegal, but not the construction of the airbase itself. They received compensation. The place has its own hospital , a school and a Protestant church , a museum , two shops and a private hotel .

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