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Portsmouth, England

by WCC on May 29, 2012

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Portsmouth is a port city on the south coast of England in the county of Hampshire. It lies mostly on the island of Portsea Iceland at the mouth of the Solent in the English Channel. On the sheltered west coast is the port of Portsmouth, Langstone Harbour to the east. South of the town is the Solent from the Isle of Wight separated.

portsmouth at night Portsmouth, England

portsmouth at night

Although in the surrounding settlements were already in pre-Roman times, it is generally believed that Portsmouth in 1180 by Jean de Gisors was founded. In 1194 Portsmouth was awarded by King Richard I, the municipal law. At the same time the port was built in the west of the city. Henry VII was the end of the 15th Century Portsmouth for “Royal Dockyard” and put the first European dry dock on since ancient times. The port became the main naval base for the Royal Navy. In the course of industrialization, many companies settled in the heavy industry.

During the Second World War were made ​​in Portsmouth ammunition and warships. In connection with the strategic location, the city was repeatedly the target German bombers. Here, large parts of the historic old town were destroyed. On the night of 5th on the 6th Began in June 1944 from Portsmouth to land in Normandy.

portsmouth spinnaker tower Portsmouth, England

portsmouth spinnaker tower

portsmouth harbour Portsmouth, England

portsmouth harbour

portsmouth england Portsmouth, England

portsmouth england

After the war, only small parts of the city around the port was rebuilt in the historical style. Today’s cityscape is dominated by modern buildings from the 1980s. The port continues to play a major role for the city. Portsmouth is on Dover ferry port is the most important in England. However, the cargo handling in the 1970s was increasingly spread over 30 kilometers away, Southampton moved.

In 1995, a 130 million € expensive program to transform the old port area. In the center of the project is a shopping mall and the 170-meter high Spinnaker Tower, on 17 Opened officially in October 2005, was after the project was completed more than five years later than planned and has cost over 30 million pounds, in contrast to the original estimate of £ 9 million. In addition, parts of the port under the names were Marina Portsmouth into a modern residential and business district rebuilt. The program was officially completed in July 2005. The town has since 1950 been twinned with Duisburg. Portsmouth is 5088 Ew. / Km², the most densely populated city in Britain.

portsmouth city Portsmouth, England

portsmouth city

portsmouth beach Portsmouth, England

portsmouth beach

portsmouth Portsmouth, England


old portsmouth Portsmouth, England

old portsmouth

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