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Podocarpus National Park

by WCC on June 9, 2012

in South America

The Podocarpus National Park is a national park located in the provinces of Loja and Zamora Chinchipe, in the south east of Ecuador. Was launched on December 15th of 1982. The park is an area of mega and an area of high endemism due to its location between different biological systems. It extends over 146,280 km ², in the two spurs of the Eastern Cordillera of Los Andes to the basins of the rivers Nangaritza, Numbala and Loyola. About 85% of the park is in the province of Zamora Chinchipe and about 15% in the province of Loja.

Podocarpus National Park Podocarpus National Park

Podocarpus National Park

The national park was established to protect the largest forest romerillos in the country, consisting of three species of the genus Podocarpus , the only conifer native to Ecuador. Within the park has developed a unique biological environment, representing especially the birds only in the area. Podocarpus National Park houses a complex of more than 100 lakes, one of the best known are the shortcomings of the Compadre . There are also waterfalls, canyons and several kinds of mammals and plants.

podocarpus ecuador Podocarpus National Park

podocarpus ecuador

podocarpus national park ecuador Podocarpus National Park

podocarpus national park ecuador

To access the park there are two main entrances corresponding to their biogeographic zones, one is in the Sector Cajanuma high biogeographic area. The other is in the Bombuscaro Sector , for the river Bombuscaro low biogeographical area. There are also two alternative access in the upper biogeographic province of Zamora Chinchipe, one is in the Romerillos Sector , for the river Jamboé and other less known entering the Cerro Toledo from Yangana-Valladolid route.

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