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Plymouth, United Kingdom

by WCC on May 30, 2012

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Plymouth is a town in England in the county of Devon (southwest England) at the Plymouth Sound. Plymouth is now home to the British Royal Navy shipyard. The Naval Base Devonport in the west of the city is the largest naval base in Western Europe and most important employers in Plymouth. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth. It is the largest city on the English Channel banks and the largest English city south of London.

plymouth Plymouth, United Kingdom


Plymouth was the first time under the name Sutton mentioned 1231st In 1439 it received city status and its present name. Since the 16th Century Plymouth was the starting point of several overseas expeditions of Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and Captain James Cook. The English fleet sailed from Plymouth in 1588, the Spanish Armada to fight. 1620 went from here Pilgrims with Mayflower to America. During the Second World War the city center suffered severe damage by the German air force, especially during a series of 59 as The Plymouth Blitz designated air raids in 1941, and in the architectural style of the fifties was rebuilt.

Among the biggest attractions of the city is the National Marine Aquarium, which, as Britain’s biggest and Europe’s deepest aquarium called. Here are some of the fish the rivers to the inhabitants of the sea, for example, showed many of the coral reef marine life. As another point of interest is in the harbor, where the Mayflower has filed, as they began their journey to America.

plymouth united kingdom Plymouth, United Kingdom

plymouth united kingdom

plymouth hoe Plymouth, United Kingdom

plymouth hoe

plymouth england Plymouth, United Kingdom

plymouth england

From the hill The Hoe can overlook the entire harbor. It is said that Sir Francis Drake had stopped here on the lawn still be bowl game before he fought against the invading Spanish Armada. On the Hoe today there are several monuments. She is still a popular meeting place. Right on the Hoe is the Plymouth Dome, the circular sea water swimming pool Tinside and the lighthouse (Smeaton’s Tower). As is well worth visiting the old town of Plymouth, called the Barbican, often called “The Barbie”, with its bars and economies along with harbor views.

The Charles Church in the center of the city is in ruins and so should remind us of the Second World War and the dead and remember. The Church of St. Andrews in the 15th Century, was rebuilt and has therefore modern windows.

plymouth city centre Plymouth, United Kingdom

plymouth city centre

plymouth barbican Plymouth, United Kingdom

plymouth barbican

plymouth at night Plymouth, United Kingdom

plymouth at night

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