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Petronas Towers, Malaysia

by WCC on February 26, 2012

in Asia

Petronas Towers is the name of the oil company Petronas built skyscrapers couple in Kuala Lumpur , the capital of Malaysia . With a total of 452 meters tower over the twin towers of the city.

petronas twin towers 550x412 Petronas Towers, Malaysia

petronas twin towers

From 1998 until the completion of Taipei 101 in 2004 (508 meters), the towers were the prominent bridge in many rankings because of their structural height as the tallest building in the world , this classification is, however, highly controversial, as the highest floor, only 375 meters is high, the roof meters 378th The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) (442 meters roof, floor 412.7 meters high, 108 storeys) in Chicago and the former World Trade Center (417 meters roof, 413 feet the highest floor, 110 stories) in New York City had higher roofs and floors higher up than the Petronas Towers. Similarly, both in the overall height (with poles) is significantly higher (Willis Tower 527 meters (since 2000, previously 520 meters), WTC 526.7 meters). In addition, it is argued that the Willis Tower have a lot more stories and a larger area. Until the opening of the Burj Khalifa (828 meters) in 2010 was the Willis Tower, still the record for the tallest building in the total height (527 meters, thus higher than the Taipei 101).

In 1991, Petronas decided to develop a new building and building, which once completed should be the highest in the world. In January 1992 we began planning the new tower, in March 1993 began with the foundation work and dug a 30 meter deep pit at the beginning, 500 trucks full of earth were removed every night. In April 1994, then begin with the above-ground construction of the two towers. In order to attract attention even before the completion of the construction work and to advance as quickly as possible, the decision was made to leave work two construction teams in competition. One should try as soon as possible to pull up a tower and was led by Bob Prett. The other, the second team was, for the Tower 2 and later responsible for the heave of the skybridge and was led by Jon Dunsford. It was also 30 days starting residue. And so worked up to 2,000 people working to build the new landmark of Malaysia. It is always tried first pillar on the top floor ready to reach out to the floor then put on the next floor. Then came the turn of the outer walls, most recently the interior. Building a floor took in four days, which is relatively short. During construction, there were some problems. Thus, for example, built on a false floor of concrete, the required 15 000 Newtons per square centimeter did not. The entire floor had demolished and then rebuilt, are located below floors and the other tower did not affect this problem. It was also at tower 1 in the 72nd Floor found that the tower was slightly askew and the age of 72 25 millimeters from the floor deviated plumb. It tried to compensate by any overlying floor still to be built on one side of 2 millimeters higher built.

In mid-1995 began the Interior, in July 1995, we assembled the Skybridge. This decision was made ​​to the bridge on the ground first and then assemble complete with 16 hydraulic plungers move up between the towers. This process required 36 hours and was interrupted three times by lightning strikes that disrupted the entire power supply. In December of that year was the 88th Floors of both towers completed. To Wettbauen between the two construction teams once again to make more exciting, a decision was made ​​that the Assembly should begin the peaks at the same time. The team of the tower 2 did not, however, because it is built inside “his” tower, the peak together secretly and put it in the end out of the building above, similar to the Chrysler Building . As a result, the team won 2, Tower 1 was followed later by reaching the final height a week, but still in March 1996. At 31 August 1999 was officially opened in the twin skyscrapers.

Security is another reason why the sky bridge was built. Thus, the neighboring tower can also serve as a means of escape. For security reasons, including the 5-story parking garage was not built into the foundations of the towers, but built at a different place. A further contribution to the stability of the skyscraper deliver the 16 underground mainstay per tower, the Petronas Towers firmly anchor the soil. Even if both towers were destroyed in three of the pillars, the stability was not yet compromised. The heavy weight of the two towers, due to the partial replacement of steel with reinforced concrete, reduces the vibrations caused by wind. [2] All in all, including the Petronas Towers of the most stable skyscrapers ever built.

Petronas Twin Towers Wallpaper 550x412 Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers Wallpaper

Petronas Towers wallpaper 550x412 Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Petronas Towers wallpaper

Petronas towers kuala lumpur 550x412 Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Petronas towers kuala lumpur

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