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Petra, Jordan

by WCC on February 25, 2012

in Asia

Petra is an ancient city in Jordan . It was the capital of the Nabataeans.Given their grave temple, carved directly out of the rock, it is considered as a unique cultural monument. In 1985, Petra was in the list of UNESCO world heritage included. Petra is considered one of the biggest attractions of the Middle East.

petra 550x366 Petra, Jordan


Petra itself is only the ancient city, now a museum. Wadi Musa is the modern settlement. Here are the necessary infrastructure, hotels of all classes, restaurants, banks and whatever else has a modern town. It is advisable to stay 1 or 2 nights in Wadi Musa, to allow enough time for the visit of Petra have.

Day guests are charged 90 JD (90 €), tourists who stay in Wadi Musa (Petra) pay the other hand, 50 JD (50 €) for 1 day, 55 JD and 60 JD for 2 days for 3 days. For students, there is no discount. (Dec. 2011).

petra wallpaper 550x366 Petra, Jordan

petra wallpaper

petra inside 550x412 Petra, Jordan

petra inside

jordan petra 550x369 Petra, Jordan

jordan petra

city of petra 550x368 Petra, Jordan

city of petra

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