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Pedra Azul State Park – Brazil

by WCC on May 25, 2012

in South America

Pedra Azul is a national park in Brazil. It is located in the state of Espirito Santo. The National Park covers an area of 1,240 hectares and was established in 1991 to protect nature and its biodiversity in the area. In him themselves is located of the eponymous granite rocks Pedra Azul , portuguese for “Blauer rocks”, which consists from a single stone Formation and has a total height of 1822 meters. The temperatures in this region are between 7.3 to 9.4 ° C in winter and in summer from 25.3 to 27.8 ° C. The height of the place varies between 1250 meters in the Visitor center and 1909 meters at the Pico do Pedra das Flores , portuguese for tip of the flowers rocks, the highest point in the region.

Pedra Azul Brazil Pedra Azul State Park   Brazil

Pedra Azul Brazil

By a lichen growth may appear depending on the sunlight, the color of the rock bluish, greenish or even yellow. This may, depending on the climate, to happen to 31 times per day. The Pedra Azul existed since about 550 million years ago in its present form.

The National Park has a rich biodiversity, from the Atlantic Forest is marked. In him animals such as of the are anteater , of the lion-tailed macaque , of the Puma , of the ocelot , toucans , the highly liberates toxic jararaca and various lizards kinds native to. The vegetation is mainly due to the wild orchids – cedars -, ferns and bromeliads species on.

pedra azul rocky mountain Pedra Azul State Park   Brazil

pedra azul rocky mountain

Pedra Azul State Park Pedra Azul State Park   Brazil

Pedra Azul State Park

The National Park and its surroundings are very popular as a recreational area. 5% of the national park are accessible to tourists. In its vicinity are pousadas (hotels) and by appointment is also a celebration of rock possible. About Trilhas, Portuguese for forest paths, natural water basin can be achieved.

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