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Pattaya Thailand

by WCC on March 1, 2013

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Pattaya, a popular city of Thailand, is southeast of Bangkok, and primarily famous for its wide beaches, attracting family and single visitors alike.  The city offers a wide variety of activities to its visitors, including different land and water sporting opportunities, sightseeing, modern shopping centers, and other leisure activities for all members of the family.

Pattaya is divided into three main areas of interest, Central, North and South Pattaya. The beach that is most famous in central Pattaya is the Pattaya beach, with its beautiful red-brown sand. It offers a variety of water sports

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and activities, including jet skiing and paragliding, as well as a number of fast food restaurants, cafes, convenient stores and beer bars. Aside from the beach, the areas of attraction in this part of Pattaya are the Ripley’s believe

or not museum, which has managed to collect over three hundred unusual and exotic items from around the world, and Wat Chai Mogkhon, a temple that has two images of Buddha that are more than three hundred and fifty years old.

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North Pattaya starts from the Dolphin roundabout and has one of the quietest beaches in Pattaya. It is a nice spot for swimming because of its gradual slope, as well as one with a beautiful view which tourists can enjoy by sitting in the beach chairs, under beach umbrellas, that can be found around the beach. The places of interest in this part of Pattaya are The Sanctuary of Truth; the temple made completely from wood, the Mini Siam, home to miniature replicas of important and historical places from around the world and The Bottle Art museum, which houses over three hundred of the world’s miniature art places in bottles.

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South Pattaya, which is next to the southern end of Pattaya beach, includes areas like Pattayaland and Walking Street. Although there is only a single sandy beach for swimming in this area, it still offers a variety of leisure and entertainment activities. The other areas of interest in this part are Wang Sam Sien, which not only has a panoramic view of the city but also houses miniatures and sculptures of important people in Chinese history.

Pattaya offers plenty of interesting and exhilarating sport activities to watch as well as to take part in, including scuba diving, with a chance to dive in the mermaid dive center, martial art training centers for beginners as well as experts, race tracks and boxing schools.

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Pattaya also features theme parks, animals and zoos for the people visiting with family and children. The entertainment ranges from cabaret dances shooting ranges to bowling, paintball and video games. Pattaya truly is the place for a perfect family vacation, a weekend getaway for singles or some honest fun for others.

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People planning to visit Pattaya can look for accommodations at Hilton Hotel Pattaya, the largest hotel complex in the city. It offers guests the use of a ten screen cinema, bowling alleys and a large number of international restaurants and shops. It features a babysitting staff for those traveling with family as well as venues for meetings. It is the perfect place to stay and get the experience of a lifetime, both from the hotel and the city.

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