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Parque Nacional Los Médanos de Coro

by WCC on June 13, 2012

in South America

Medanos National Park or Parque Los Nacional Medanos de Coro is a national park in Venezuela. It is located in the state of Falcón on the Isthmus of Medanos, the peninsula of Paraguaná leads. The park was founded in 1974. The National Park covers 91 280 hectares of desert , coastal and salt marsh . The large dunes (“Medanos”) extend over a length of 5 to 30 kilometers and can be up to 40 meters high. By strong winds, they constantly change their shape. Because of the very rare rainfall is the flora of spiny shrubs. The fauna is also sparse and consists mainly of lizards , rabbits , anteaters , foxes , pigeons and hawks . The national park is by bus or taxi from the nearby neighborhood of Frankfurt city Coro reach out.

The soft sands and dry this National Park are the result of wind erosion on the rocks that eventually are split into very small pieces and turning them into sand it, scrolling through the continuous action of wind, it is accumulated in heaps , becoming gradually dunes to continuously change shape as they are in constant motion. That is also why the dunes have been called sand nomads. There are also similar formations in other parts of the country on the road to Castilletes , on the island of Zapara (State of Zulia ) in Cape San Román , around Puerto Cumarebo (State Falcon ), and in the Venezuelan plains, in around the National Park Cinaruco Capanaparo (Apure State) and the National Park Aguaro Guariquito (Guárico state).

In the dunes of Tocopero and Puerto Cumarebo outside park boundaries can be seen ‘fossil dunes’ sand hills formed substrate by the compaction of the sand dunes and covered with permanent vegetation. These are of different sizes and show different levels of development of vegetation, which probably represent different stages of formation, prior to the current Medanos de Coro.

The park is made up mostly spread on the isthmus that connects the rest of the Paraguana Peninsula, which are key elements of the landscape: The Dunes (dune formation), the shrub communities of mangroves, land herbaceous and thorny vegetation. The Venezuelan landscape of this desert consists of sand dunes 20 meters high above sea level approximately dunes and salt marshes.

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