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by WCC on February 28, 2012

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Paris is the capital of France and the region Ile-de-France. In older – mostly Latin – Paris texts will also Lutetia / Lutezia called. The river Seine divides the city into a northern part (rive droite, “Right Bank”) and a southern part (rive gauche “left bank”). This has administratively belonging to the Paris area 2,246,995 inhabitants (census 2011), in the urban settlement area (Unité urbaine) live 10,354,675 people (Census, 2008), and throughout the metropolitan region of 12 089. 098 people (Census, 2008). The outside of the ring road lying suburbs of the suburbs are administratively independent, and does not belong to the city of Paris, in turn, out of 20 administrative district is. Paris is a cosmopolitan city and next to London and New York, one of the most important cities of the Western world. It is the overriding political, economic and cultural center of a centrally organized country and its largest traffic hub (with among others, three airports and six terminal stations). Paris is the headquarters of UNESCO, the OECD and the ICC.

paris city Paris

paris city

The city has a total area of 105.4 square kilometers. This represents less than twelve percent of the area of Berlin. The metropolitan area covers a land area of 14,518 square kilometers. This corresponds roughly to the area of Schleswig-Holstein. The city lies at the heart of the Paris Basin, an average of 65 meters above sea level. The Seine occurs, depending on water levels, with a height of 25 meters above sea level from out of town. Paris is surrounded by the two major urban forests, which serve the public as recreational areas.

The meridian of Paris, in 1718 by Jacques Cassini set to 1806 by French physicist François Arago was calculated precisely until 1884 (International Meridian Conference in Washington), one of many zero meridian. He runs right through the Paris Observatory and is now by several columns, and by 1995 the Dutch conceptual artist Jan Dibbets discreetly in road paving, sidewalks, courtyards and several buildings (including the Louvre) embedded bronze Arago medallions marked a tribute to the Arago, physicist and human rights. Of the original 135 so far received little attention plaques some since the release of Dan Brown’s hit novel The Da Vinci Code has been stolen. The elected term of Dan Brown’s “Rose Line” is an invention.

paris wallpaper Paris

paris wallpaper

paris france Paris

paris france

paris europe Paris

paris europe

paris eiffel tower Paris

paris eiffel tower

paris business city Paris

paris business city

paris at night Paris

paris at night

paris Paris


paris girls Paris

paris girls

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