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Paracas National Reservation

by WCC on June 12, 2012

in South America

The Paracas National Reserve is a protected area of Peru located in the province of Pisco, Peru. The Paracas National Reserve was declared as such on 25 September of the year 1975. It was created to keep a portion of the sea and the desert of Peru, giving protection to the various species of wildlife that live there. Conserve a representative sample of ecosystems marine the cold sea of the Peruvian Current or Humboldt Current, considered by experts as the most productive of the Earth, while maintaining the environments used by a wide variety of species migration for food and shelter during their long voyages per year.

paracas national reservation Paracas National Reservation

paracas national reservation

It is located in one of the most desert of the Peruvian coast in the department of Ica , and covers an area of 335,000 Ha-some 200,000 in the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula of Paracas is located in an exceptionally rich marine area, which outcrops extremely cold waters produce an abundance of plankton that feeds on fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

The climate is typical of the subtropical desert formation, meaning that there is approximately a difference of 6 to 8 ° C temperature hottest month average and the coldest. In February and August, respectively, it is 22°C and 15.5 ° C, the average being 18.7 ° C. Annual Precipitation is very poor, with an average annual total of 1.83 mm., The relative humidity is around 82%, with 83% in winter. The prevailing winds are south and southwest, reaching an average speed of 14.9 km/h but can reach 32 km/h, being the strongest on the coast, known as the “Paracas”. With a mild climate and an average of 22 degrees and sunshine almost constantly, with low humidity, the room is nice.

paracas national reservation peru Paracas National Reservation

paracas national reservation peru

paracas national reservation picture Paracas National Reservation

paracas national reservation picture

paracas national reservation photo Paracas National Reservation

paracas national reservation photo

paracas national park Paracas National Reservation

paracas national park

The plankton is favored by microstreaming of water , which attract large number of fish , other species of the area and farmers. Broadly, the outcrop of Paracas is one of 9 in the world, these upwellings bring nutrients from the seabed, fertilizing surface waters, this leads to an overproduction of phytoplankton, which biologists called high primary productivity.

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