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Pantanal – Brazil

by WCC on May 24, 2012

in South America

The Pantanal is a region in the South and stays mostly in the western part of Brazil, but also extends to Bolivia. It is considered one of the freshwater ecosystems of the largest and most diverse in the world. The site is located in Brazil, although the vast swamp overflows Bolivian and Paraguayan territories. In the rainy season from October to March, the rivers of the surrounding highlands that run through the Pantanal, causing flooding in most of the half. These regular floods have made any attempt at human activity is unlikely, and that this wild, hostile, magnificent, becomes a formidable natural refuge for many species. The rising water supply returns to the ground with nutritional elements, the fish multiply and marshes provide excellent shelter animals ecological and an inexhaustible source of food.

pantanal brazil Pantanal   Brazil

pantanal brazil

Pantanal as well as the paradise of migratory birds or prey, and many regular-sized animals (jaguar, iguana, puma, maned wolf, giant anteater, black howler monkey, crocodile, alligator, capybaras, anaconda, etc.) . Also, its waters are one of the most sought after by fishermen around the world. The Pantanal is also an important tourist destination in Brazil, for its fauna and flora. Some large livestock farms offer accommodations and trips organized.

pantanal photo brazil Pantanal   Brazil

pantanal photo brazil

pantanal Pantanal   Brazil


There are daily flights from other Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to major cities in the vicinity of the Pantanal, as Campo Grande, Corumbá and Cuiabá, where you can organize various tours. Similarly from Bolivia to the Bolivian Pantanal wilderness can be reached either by air or by rail from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia major city in the tropics. Famous throughout the world, the Bolivian portion of the Pantanal is a classic place for eco tourism because it is the best preserved and maintains the most genuine and wild throughout the region of the Pantanal.

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